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Posts by Richard Armstrong

A bronze statue of a shirtless black person wearing jeans lies horizontally, facing away from the camera. Behind it is a brightly-colored canvas with a painting of a young black woman lying on her back, eyes closed, arms spread, in a white tank top, jeans, and sneakers. Behind the person, the background is covered in yellow and red flowers.

SCS Diablog: Forever in Bloom: Kehinde Wiley’s Archaeology of Silence

After successful runs in Venice, Paris, and San Francisco, Kehinde Wiley’s Archaeology of Silence

An old book opened to show a page entitled "The Twenty-Second Book of the Iliad"

Blog: Translation at the SCS

Richard H. Armstrong and Elizabeth Vandiver are longtime members of the APA/SCS, and they are among those scholars who have long fostered an interest in bringing more focus on translation to the annual meetings. In this post, they look back on the history of translation panels and how they have changed over the years.