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February 2, 2018

by Dr. Ellen Bauerle

After five years seeing the ebb and flow of classical practitioners’ thoughts about outreach, it’s time for me to step down as editor of Amphora. I have very much enjoyed working with the many members of the Amphora editorial board – I’ve made some good new friends, learned about a lot of things going on in the international ferment we call classical studies – and made new discoveries about current pedagogical trends. In the last five years Amphora has moved from an all-print publication format, then to print + website, and now to website-only: I am sure there will be additional developments upcoming as Amphora continues to change and adapt.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but I am delighted to announce that Dr. Wells Hansen, who has been my efficient and hard-working assistant editor, is taking over as editor of Amphora, effective with the next issue. Wells and I are together putting the current issue to bed, but as incoming editor he will be taking over management of queries and peer review for prospective authors, guidance of the general direction of the publication, interface with several new SCS committees, and other tasks that fall to the publication’s editor particularly as the Society’s web page develops and changes. The SCS has now made available dedicated addresses for the Amphora editors, meaning you can reach Wells at

I would very much like to thank those who have made the recent years’ issues of Amphora possible – the authors, the unsung anonymous referees of articles, the many members of the editorial board, and last but not least my immediate past predecessor Davina McClain, Mary-Kay Gamel as Vice President for Outreach, Adam Blistein as Executive Director of the APA/SCS, and specially helpful board members Ward Briggs and Judith Hallett, all of whom collectively provided information on APA practices, requirements, the history and goals of relevant committees, and many of the big-picture questions that an outreach program faces. I am indebted to all of them, and I look for a bright future for Amphora in Wells’ hands.