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Organizer-Refereed Panels
Organizer-refereed Panels are submitted anonymously by the organizer(s) and approved by the Program Committee for presentation at a future Annual Meeting at least 18 months before that meeting takes place. After approval, the Program Committee delegates all discretionary responsibility for selection of abstracts and discussants to the panel organizer(s). Anonymity is essential to the review process, so a submission that reveals the identity of the organizer(s) will not be reviewed. Abstracts for the panel are submitted to the Executive Director's office and are then forwarded anonymously to the panel organizer(s). In spring 2022, members may submit an application for a new organizer-refereed panel that would take place in 2024. Those with previously chartered organizer-refereed panels should submit a report in spring 2022 for the panel to be presented in 2023.

Submission Requirements for a new Organizer-Refereed Panel

  • You will be required to provide:
  • The member number, name, academic institution, and contact information of the organizer(s)
  • A 650-word Organizer's Statement that preserves the anonymity of the organizer(s) and provides a scholarly rationale for the panel, including some indication of the timeliness of the topic. The proposal should outline the major questions or issues that the organizer hopes to see addressed in the abstracts that are ultimately submitted. It must also explain how the organizer will encourage submissions from a diverse range of potential panelists.

The Program Committee will consider these proposals at its Summer 2022 meeting and will notify in July the organizers of the panels selected for presentation at the 2024 meeting. This notice will include a list of deadlines and procedural guidelines. It will also request a shortened version of the panel description to be used as a call for abstracts in fall 2022.

Submission Requirements for a report on a previously chartered Organizer-Refereed Panel

  • Abstracts submitted for an organizer-refereed panel are sent to the SCS Office which then transmits them anonymously to organizers. Once organizers decide which abstracts they will accept, SCS staff will provide to organizers the member numbers, names, and contact information of all authors. Organizers will be responsible for notifying all authors of their decisions. The panel must be canceled if the organizers receive fewer than 4 abstracts for consideration or accept fewer than 3. Organizers may accept a maximum of 6 papers.
  • Organizers will then be required to submit the following information to the SCS's online submission system:
  • The member number, name, academic institution, and contact information of the organizer(s)
  • The number of abstracts you received and the number you accepted for presentation (Note that the panel must be cancelled if the organizers deem fewer than 3 abstracts acceptable for presentation.)
  • The name and academic institution of every reviewer of these abstracts
  • The member number, name, academic institution, paper title, and length of presentation (in minutes) for each speaker.
  • An abstract for every paper to be presented in your session
  • The member number, name, academic institution, and length of presentation (in minutes) for any discussant or respondent
  • Speakers' audio-visual needs (if any). The Program Committee reserves the right to limit the audio/visual equipment requested.


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