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The SCS Placement Service serves candidates in the fields of classical studies and archaeology who are on the job market as well as institutions seeking to hire such candidates. The SCS welcomes job listings that reflect the full range of opportunities for students and teachers of classical studies and archaeology today, from employers seeking scholars of language, literature, and material culture (and combinations of those areas) for academic positions as well as for nonacademic employment. The Service offers an online Portal where registered candidates can see new listings one business day or less after institutions submit them.

Please note that the SCS has not been offering onsite interview facilities and scheduling services at the Annual Meeting since the start of the pandemic. 

The SCS’s Committee on Placement monitors activity in the Service to ensure adherence by both candidates and institutions to its Placement Guidelines and to the SCS’s Statement of Professional Ethics.  The committees in the Professional Matters Division regularly review activity in the Placement Service and publish reports about that activity.

We also offer step-by-step tutorials on how to sign up for the Placement Service.


If you an AIA member and a job candidate, please follow the special instructions here:


If you do not yet have an account for 2021–2022, click on one of the two links below to learn details of the service you wish to purchase, set up an account, and purchase your service. The links will expand when you click on them.

Services for Candidates and Subscribers


  • SCS Members: Free
  • Nonmembers: $55


Candidates enrolled with the Placement Service will receive new position listings directly to their email address, usually within one day of SCS’s receipt of the advertisement.

Anyone can go to the Current Ads page at any time to view the current and past position listings.

Candidates also have access to the CV/Resume Upload form, which makes their CVs and other information about their qualifications available to departments looking for the best candidates, allowing them to reach out to qualified candidates and encourage them to apply. Finally, Candidates will have access to tutorial videos and live webinars to help them with navigating the Service.

The Placement Committee urges candidates to log into their accounts so that they will not miss important deadlines. In addition, if enrolled candidates are not receiving periodic e-mails from the Service, they should notify SCS staff immediately.

Any job candidate is welcome to use the Service; however, the fee is waived for SCS members. Join the SCS online at this web page.

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To get started, please tell us whether or not you are a member of the SCS. If you're a member, we'll verify your membership and allow you to register at no cost.

To find out how to become a member of the SCS, visit

Services for Institutions


The fee for placing an advertisement is $200


The Service welcomes and encourages any academic institution with a pertinent classics- or archaeology-related job vacancy to advertise openings in its monthly publication, Positions for Classicists and Archaeologists. The Service also encourages any national or regional organization to advertise positions such as executive directors, secretary-treasurers, or journal editors. In addition, it welcomes listings of openings in museums, libraries, or any organization to which someone with a classics or archaeology background would bring useful skills and knowledge.

As noted in the Candidate section above, once new advertisements are received, they are made available to registered candidates in several ways within a business day, so long as the Placement Service Guidelines criteria are met. Institutions also have access to the CV/Resume Upload page, in which they can browse research criteria and other information to reach out to qualified candidates who may have missed the initial job ad. In addition, ads are collected into a monthly digest for registered candidates and posted on the SCS web site. At the end of the academic year, all job listings will go into the online archive files.

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Institutions do not need to be SCS members in order to use the Placement Service.

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