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Each year the SCS will set up an online submission system that members may use to submit individual abstracts or propose panels for the upcoming annual meeting. Submission deadlines will vary from year to year. Below you will find links to brief descriptions of each type of session regularly scheduled at the SCS Annual Meeting; these can be consulted at any time so that members can assemble required materials at their convenience.

The Program Committee is willing to consider modifications of the usual formats for these sessions, or completely new formats, but all submissions are subject to the regulations requiring all speakers (with a few specific exceptions) to be SCS members and limiting members to a single appearance on the program of a single annual meeting.

In reviewing these submissions, the SCS Program Committee examines abstracts of every talk to be presented during the proposed session as well as an overview of the session from the organizer. Organizers of the various panel-type sessions (panels, seminars, workshops etc.) are strongly encouraged to assemble a diverse group of speakers, remembering that diversity is essential to our profession and to scholarly inquiry, and that the anonymity of materials reviewed by the Program Committee leaves diversity in the hands of panel organizers. In order to fulfill its legal obligations, the SCS is required to reserve the right of final approval for all activities scheduled at the Annual Meeting.

Please note that as of 2020, all abstracts should be no longer than 500 words. Panel organizers' statements have a 650-word limit as before.