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The Pearson Fellowship Committee invites nominations for the 2020-2021 Lionel Pearson Fellowship, which seeks to contribute to the education of American- and Canadian-trained classicists by providing for a year of study at an English or Scottish university. The competition is open to outstanding students who have completed in academic year 2018-2019, or will complete in academic year 2019-2020, a B.A. in Greek, Latin, Classics, or closely related fields at any American or Canadian college or university.

Fellows must undertake a course of study that broadens and develops their knowledge of Greek and Latin texts in the original languages; candidates should therefore have a strong background in the classical languages. They should expect to obtain the B.A. by September 2020, in order to begin an academic year of postgraduate work at that time. Normally, the recipient will hold the Fellowship in the academic year immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. The term of the Fellowship is one year. The recipient may use the Fellowship for part of a longer program of study, but under no circumstances will support from the Fellowship extend beyond one year. Fellows are responsible for seeking and obtaining admission to the English or Scottish university where they intend to study, and candidates are encouraged to initiate application procedures if they are short-listed.

The maximum amount of the Fellowship will be $24,000 which may be used to offset academic fees, travel expenses, housing and subsistence costs, and book purchases.  The Fellowship amount ($24,000) is the maximum that the SCS can award, but the Faculties of Classics of both Oxford and Cambridge Universities have generously offered to provide a partial tuition subvention for any Pearson Fellow enrolled at their institution.  In these instances funds provided by the SCS should be adequate to offset the Fellow’s other expenses, and the SCS will attempt (but it cannot guarantee) to obtain a similar accommodation from another institution in the UK should the Fellow attend a university other than Oxford or Cambridge.  NB: We cannot guarantee tuition support from other Faculties at Oxford and Cambridge (such as Philosophy or History).  Students should be aware that if they can pursue their preferred course of study under the rubric of Classics, it would be to their advantage.

Candidates for the Fellowship require nomination by a faculty member who is familiar with their work. Faculty members who wish to nominate a student for the Fellowship must send the student's name and e-mail address to the current chair, David Ratzan, who will send the nominator an application form and other relevant materials.  The committee discourages programs from nominating more than one student, and those desiring to make multiple nominations should contact the chair well in advance. Nominations and inquiries may be made only by e-mail to Dr. Ratzan (  The deadline for receiving nominations is Tuesday, October 1, 2019. 

The second step in the nomination process is the submission of a completed application.  Application materials will be sent to nominators and/or nominees via e-mail by October 8 and the completed application must arrive at the offices of the Society for Classical Studies by 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, November 11, 2019

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