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Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities (formerly Classics Everywhere)

Are you currently organizing, or interested in organizing, events and programs on Greek, Roman, and ancient Mediterranean antiquity? Are you interested in bringing the ancient Mediterranean and its reception into global dialogue with other cultures, past and present?

History and Current Goals

SCS Newsletter - June 2019 (Vindolanda)

Archaeology and Social Media
by Sonya Galloway

In 1970 the Vindolanda Trust was established with its founding aims for the archaeological research of the site, making the structures and artefacts available to the interested public, especially educational groups, and engage with people from all walks of life. Nearly fifty years after those aims were established making the artefacts and research available to the interested public has remained at the heart of everything we do at Vindolanda.

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The Odyssey for our Modern Times

The Odyssey for our Modern Times

by Nina Papathanasopoulou

Photo Credit: Odysseus (James Edward Becton) and Penelope (Karen Alvarado), photo by Dan Gorman, 2019, copyright Frago Media LLC

SCS Newsletter _Classics Everywhere

The SCS Classics Everywhere Initiative
Page updated 09/16/20

Are you currently organizing, or interested in organizing, events and programs on classical antiquity and its legacy that reach beyond the curricula of schools, colleges, and universities? Are you interested in bringing the appreciation and critical discussion of the Greco-Roman world to new audiences?

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Luis Alfaro Lecture


As part of the SCS Sesquicentennial meeting in San Diego, famed playwright Luis Alfaro will present his work to AIA/SCS attendees and the general public. The lecture will be held in the Marriott Marquis & Marina on Thursday, January 3rd, the first night of the conference.

From the Ancient to the Streets of L.A.: Imagining the Greek Classics for Communities Today

Outreach -- Fall 2012

Outreach Prize

I am delighted to report that five strong nominations for the 2012 SCS Outreach Prize have been received. This prize recognizes outstanding projects or events by an SCS member or members that make an aspect of classical antiquity available and attractive to an audience other than classics scholars or students in their courses.

Outreach Events at the SCS annual meeting in Seattle, Washington, January 3-6, 2013

The Outreach Division will sponsor five events at the meeting.

Two events are open to the public:

Outreach -- September 2011

In this, my final report as Vice President for the Division of Outreach, I am grateful for the opportunity to look back over the past four years as well as to look ahead, and to thank the many individuals who have generously contributed time, talents and energies to Outreach activities.