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Volunteer for Elected Office

With over 30 committees and an elected Board of Directors, there are plenty of opportunities for members to contribute to our current efforts and shape the future directions of the Society and the field. You can find a description here of the responsibilities of the board and other elected officials and committee members, as well as those committees to which the Vice Presidents and President appoint new members each year.

We have published the election slate for summer 2019.  Newly elected officials will take office in January 2020, with the exception of the Nominating Committee members, who will begin their service immediately in Fall 2019.

We are now seeking volunteers for the next round of committee appointments and elections. New committee appointments will begin in January 2020.  Candidates volunteering for elected office would appear on the ballot in summer 2020 and begin service in January 2021, with the exception of Nominating Committee members, who will begin their terms in Fall 2020.

You can find the new volunteer form for elected office and committee appointments here.

Elections in 2020 will be for the following positions:


Vice President for Professional Matters

Vice President for Publications and Research

Board of Directors (director-at-large)

Nominating Committee

Program Committee

Goodwin Committee

Professional Ethics Committee

We know that many of you are incredibly busy with teaching, research, and service at your institutions and at other organizations, and that 2020 may not be the right time for you to consider standing for election. If you are not in a position to volunteer yourself, you can email the Executive Director with suggestions of a member or members whom you would like to see on the ballot. Please use the subject line “Suggestion for the Nominating Committee”.

With the help of our members, we can achieve a diverse and strong leadership that will set us on course for the next 150 years.

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