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Volunteer for Elected Office

For SCS Members:

This Fall, the SCS Nominating Committee will begin its task of identifying members who are willing to stand for elected office in summer 2019.  We are reissuing the volunteer form for elected offices as we received only a handful of volunteers earlier in the year. If you have already volunteered, thank you! Moreover, SCS is seeking greater diversity on the ballot, particularly with respect to gender, race and ethnicity, geographical location, and types of institution represented. We know that many of you are incredibly busy not only with teaching and research but also with service to and leadership at your own institutions and other organizations. The timing is not always right.  However, if the timing is right, please consider volunteering.

The positions open in next summer's election are:


Vice President for Communications and Outreach (also a board member)

Director at large (i.e. board member without a special portfolio)

Nominating Committee

Program Committee

Goodwin Award of Merit Committee

Most appointments begin in January 2020, though appointments on the Nominating Committee begin in Fall 2019. The volunteer form is here.

The form requests some text about your qualifications for these positions, but please note that prior service for SCS is not necessarily required. What qualifies you may be your experiences and perspectives that you have gained through your work at other institutions and organizations. 

If you would like to learn more about SCS committees and the board, please see the link below, which describes the board and committees as they have been structured since January 2017:

If you are not in a position to volunteer yourself, but have a suggestion for the Nominating Committee, you can email the Executive Director ( with the subject line Suggestion for the Nominating Committee.

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