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Volunteering for SCS

New Volunteer Opportunity!

We are seeking further volunteers whose experiences and expertise can help support and strengthen departments and programs. If you are interested in serving as a resource for colleagues at other institutions, please read more and fill out this formThis new network will supplement the resources available via the Classics Advisory Service

Elected Offices and Appointed Committees

With over 30 committees and the Board of Directors, there are plenty of opportunities for members to contribute to our current efforts and shape the future directions of the Society and the field. We are calling for volunteers for appointed committee service beginning in January 2022 and elected offices beginning in January 2023 with elections occurring in summer 2022, although Nominating Committee members will begin service in Fall 2022.

This year has been incredibly challenging. It is true every single year that it is not the right time for many members to volunteer owing to research, teaching, service, family and other commitments. In the past twelve months, everyone has become even more overwhelmed. Some members have become increasingly involved in activism in their local communities and many have found that service commitments at their own institutions and caregiving responsibilities have become even more time consuming. While SCS is striving for increased diversity throughout its governance structure, we recognize and understand the service burdens that fall particularly on women and BIPOC classicists. In our September 2019 newsletter, Johanna Hanink gave some good advice about volunteering and service in On Sometimes Saying Yes.

If you decide that you would like to volunteer and think that 2022 or 2023 may be good year to begin an SCS appointment, here are two ways that you can do so:

We issued a survey this summer to all members in which we asked whether they are or are not interested in serving SCS. This survey is now closed.

If you know that you want to volunteer and have particular offices or committees in mind, you can fill out this form.

We have openings in January 2022 on most appointed committees, as well as some state legate positions and the delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies. Elected positions that will appear on the 2022 election slate include:

President-Elect; VP for Program; director-at-large (all board positions);

Professional Ethics Committee; Program Committee; Nominating Committee; and Goodwin Award of Merit.

Elected officials will begin their service in January 2023, although Nominating Committee members will their terms in Fall 2022.

In addition, the graduate student member-at-large, contingent faculty member-at-large, and Equity Advisor positions on the board may be converted to elected positions for the 2022 election.

If you volunteered last year and were not selected, please volunteer again this year.

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