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Click on the links below to see the list of members holding offices and committee appointments. This page reflects board members serving in 2024, and we are in the process of updating committee members for 2024.











President: Alison Keith

Immediate Past President: Matthew Roller

President-Elect: Kirk Ormand

Senior Financial Trustee and Vice President for Resources: Laura McClure (2019-2025)

Junior Financial Trustee: Joseph Farrell (2022-2028)

Interim Executive Director: John Vitali (ex officio)

Vice President for Communications And Outreach: Carlos Noreña (2024-2028)

Vice President for Education: Teresa Ramsby (2022-2026)

Vice President for Professional Matters: Ruth Scodel (2021-2025)

Interim Vice President for Program: Rosa Andújar (2023-2024)

Interim Vice President for Publications and Research: Craig Williams (2023-2024)

Graduate Student Director: Zoé Thomas (2023-2025)

Contingent Faculty Director: Elizabeth Mercier (2023-2025)

Director with Special Responsibility for Equity: Catherine Conybeare (2023-2026)

Director: Young Richard Kim (2022-2025)

Director: Nandini Pandey (2022-2025)

Director: Catherine Connors (2023-2026)

Director: Suzanne Lye (2023-2026)

Director: Clara Bosak-Schroeder (2024-2027)

Director: Celia Schultz (2024-2027)


Executive Committee

Alison Keith (Chair)

Matthew Roller

Kirk Ormand

Laura McClure

Carlos Noreña

Teresa Ramsby

Ruth Scodel

Rosa Andújar

Craig Williams

Catherine Conybeare

John Vitali (ex officio)

Nominating Committee (New members take office directly after the summer 2023 election)

Matthew Roller, ex officio

Ronnie Ancona (Fall 2021-Fall 2024), co-chair

Pramit Chaudhuri (Fall 2021-2024), co-chair

Arum Park (Fall 2022-2025)

Nancy Worman (Fall 2022-2025)

Scott McGill (Fall 2023-2026)

Chris Waldo (Fall 2023-2026)


Finance Committee

Laura McClure, Chair

Joseph Farrell

John Vitali, ex officio

Molly Pasco-Pranger (2023-2026)

John Wolfe (2024-2027)

Fundraising Committee

Amanda Wilcox (2022-2025)

Hilary Lehmann (2022-2025)

Kenny Morrell (2022-2025)

David Wallace-Hare (2024-2027), Chair

Nita Krevans (2021-2024)

Mitch Brown (2024-2027)

Daniel Harris-McCoy (2024-2027)

Konstantinos Nikoloutsos (2024-2027)

John Vitali, ex officio

Membership Committee

Clifford Robinson (2020-2026), Chair

Yoandy Cabrera Ortega (2022-2025)

Kelly Shannon-Henderson (2022-2025)

Jacqueline Carlon (2022-2025)

Runako Taylor (2021-2024)

Adam Blistein (2021-2024)

Clem Wood (2021-2024)

Janet Downie (2024-2027)


Communications Committee

T.H.M Gellar-Goad (2018-2024)

Arum Park (2022-2025)

Kiran Mansukhani (2022-2025)

Ky Merkley (2021-2024)

Dani Bostick (2020-2023)

Christopher Polt (2022-2025), Chair

Patrick Burns (2020-2023)

Bet Hucks (2021-2024)

Christopher Waldo (2021-2024)

Jermaine Bryant (2021-2024)

Craig Williams, ex officio

Samuel Huskey, ex officio

Carlos Noreña, ex officio

Committee on Public Information and Media Relations

Chelsea Gardner (2019-2022)

Norman Sandridge (2019-2022)

Stuart McManus (2020-2023)

Jessica Wright (2020-2023)

two members tbd

Nina Papathanasopoulou, Chair

Kirk Ormand, ex officio

Carlos Noreña, ex officio

Christopher Polt, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

Committee on Classics in the Community

Brooke Holmes (2020-2023)

John Franklin (2022-2025)

Emilio Capettini (2021-2024)

Yurie Hong (2021-2024)

William G. Thalmann (2020-2023)

James Ker (2022-2025), Chair

Kirk Ormand, ex officio

Carlos Noreña, ex officio

Nina Papathanasopoulou, Public Engagement Coordinator, ex officio

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

Outreach Prize Committee

Alison Futrell (2023-2024)

Sabrina Higgins (2023-2024)

Salvador Bartera (2022-2025), Chair


Committee on College and University Education

Teresa Ramsby, Chair, ex officio

Alison Keith, ex officio

Kirk Ormand, ex officio

Jeffrey Henderson, ex officio

Laura Rich, AIA, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

Stephen Kershner (2023-2027)

Michael Furman (2024-2028)

Elizabeth Manwell (2022-2026)

Evelyn Adkins (2021-2025)

Committee on K-12 Education

Teresa Ramsby, Chair

Kirk Ormand, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

Sarah Allen (2023-2027)

Michelle Martinez (2021-2025)

Dan Leon (2021-2025)

Dawn Strauss (2021-2025)

Evan Armacost (2024-2028)

John Bracey (2021-2025)

Amy Sommer Rosevear (2024-2028)

Coffin Traveling Fellowship Committee

Robert Amstutz (2024-2027), Chair

Michael McGrann (2024-2027)

Evan Armacost (2024-2026)

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio

Pearson Fellowship Committee

Anna Uhlig (2022-2025), Chair

Jane Sancinito (2022-2025)

Sinclair Bell (2024-2027)

Erin Lam (2024-2027)

Donald Lavigne (2023-2026)

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio

Joint Committee (with ACL) on the Classics in American Education

Teresa Ramsby, Co-Chair

John Vitali, ex officio

Elizabeth Manwell (2024-2026)

Stephen Kershner (2024-2026)

Dawn Strauss (2023-2025)

Michelle Martinez (2024-2025)

Virginia Closs (at-large, 2024-2026)

ACL Representatives:

Jennie Luongo, Co-Chair

Charlaine Lunsford

Ivy Livingston

Mark Pearsall

Matt Davis

College Teaching Awards Committee

Courtney Roby (2022-2025), Chair

Robert Groves (2023-2026)

Evelyn Adkins (2024-2025)

Brett Rogers (2024-2027)

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio

K-12 Teaching Awards Committee

Teresa Ramsby, Chair

Ivy Livingston (2024)

Emma Vanderpool (2024)

Virginia Closs (2024)

Maureen Lamb (2024)

2023-2024 Sub-Committee for Pedagogy/Stewart Awards

Charlaine Lunsford, Chair

Sarah Allen

Dan Leon

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio

Koenen Fellowship Committee

Michael Sampson (2022-2025), Chair

Lauren Caldwell (2024-2027)

Jennifer Sheridan Moss (2023-2026)

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio

Graduate Student Committee

Nadhira Hill (2022-2025), Co-chair

Christopher Parmenter (2023-2026), Co-chair

Lylaah Bhalerao (2024-2027)

Mariah Smith (2023-2026)

Letticia Cosbert Miller (2024-2027)

Lauryn Hanley (2024-2027)

Colin Lacey (2023-2026)

Evelyn Adkins (2023-2025), ex officio

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio

Gruen Prize Committee

Kristen Seaman (2020-2025), Chair

Ashley Bacchi (2024-2027)

Kelly Nguyen (2023-2026)

S. Rebecca Martin (2024-2027)

Masciantonio Committee

James Ker (2023-2025), Chair

Nathalie Roy (2023-2026)

Charlaine Lunsford (2023-2025)

Christopher Chan (2023-2026)

Stephen Kershner (2023-2025)

Amy Sommer Rosevear (2024-2026)

Catherine Conybeare, ex officio

Jennie Luongo, ex officio

Teresa Ramsby, ex officio


Professional Matters Committee

Ruth Scodel, Chair ex officio

Kirk Ormand, ex officio

Sam Flores, ex officio

Molly Pasco-Pranger, ex officio

Jeremy Swist, ex officio

Jeffrey Henderson, ex officio

GailAnn Rickert, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

Committee on Professional Ethics

Ruth Scodel, Chair ex officio

Kirk Ormand, ex officio

Amy Pistone (2021-2025)

James Rives (2022-2026)

Deborah Beck (2022-2026)

Helen Morales (2023-2027)

Committee on Career Planning and Development

Al Duncan (2023-2026)

Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne (2023-2026)

Osman Umurhan (2022-2025)

GailAnn Rickert (2022-2025), Chair

Katherine Huemoller (2023-2026)

Lauren Caldwell (2024-2027)

Daniel Libatque (2024-2027)

Kim Shelton (AIA representative)

Sarah Lepinski (AIA representative)

Debby Sneed (AIA representative)

Andrew Koh (AIA representative)

Molly Pasco-Pranger, ex officio

Sam Flores, ex officio

Ruth Scodel, ex officio

Committee on Gender and Sexuality in the Profession

Melissa Funke (2023-2026)

Bridget Langley (2023-2026)

Molly Pasco-Pranger (2023-2026), Chair

Hannah Čulík-Baird (2022-2025)

Serena Witzke (2022-2025)

Zachary Herz (2024-2027)

Kylis Jean Merkley (2024-2027)

Ruth Scodel, ex officio

Committee on Diversity in the Profession

Charles Padzernik (2023-2026)

Sam Flores (2022-2025), Chair

Cassandra Casias (2022-2025)

Brandon Bourgeois (2023-2026)

Harriet Fertik (2023-2026)

Cassandra Tran (2024-2027)

Ranjani Atur (2024-2027)

Ruth Scodel, ex officio

Committee on Contingent Faculty

Jeremy Swist (2023-2026), Chair

Rebecca Sears (2023-2026)

Tim Phin (2023-2026)

Daniel Schindler (2022-2025)

Amanda Pavlick (2024-2027)

Victoria Austen (2024-2027)

Ian Oliver (2024-2027)

Elizabeth Mercier, ex officio

Ruth Scodel, ex officio

Data Committee

Del Maticic (2023-2026)

Patrick Burns (2023-2026)

Greg Crane (2023-2025)

Jen Ebbeler (2023-2025)

Rachel Philbrick (2023-2025), Chair

Emma Dench (2023-2026)

David Potter (2023-2026)

Robert Groves (2024-2027)

Mali Skotheim (2024-2027)

Director of the Classics Advisory Service

Jeffrey Henderson (2019-2025)


Program Committee

Rosa Andújar (2022-2025), Chair (2023-24)

Jason Nethercut (2023-2026)

Caroline Stark (2023-2026)

Naomi Campa (2024-2027)

Stephanie Frampton (2024-2027)

Dominic Machado (2024-2027)

John Vitali, ex officio

Cherane Ali, ex officio

Local Arrangements Committee

To be appointed

Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance

Evan Armacost (2025-2027)

Al Duncan (2025-2027), Chair

Amy Cohen (2024-2026)

Claire Catenaccio (2024-2026)

Anna Conser (2024-2025)

Suzi Elnaggar (2023-2025)

Chris Bungard (2023-2025)


Publications and Research Committee

Craig Williams (2021-2025), Chair

Benjamin Acosta-Hughes (2022-2026)

Verity Platt (2023-2027)

Jackie Murray (2024-2028)

Christopher van den Berg (2022-2028), ex officio

Joshua Billings, ex officio

Irene Peirano, ex officio

Mackenzie Zalin, ex officio

Samuel Huskey, ex officio

Kirk Ormand, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

Advisory Board to American Office of L'Année philologique

Mackenzie Zalin (2021-2026), Chair

Rebecca Stuhr (2022-2025)

Mike Sampson (2023-2026)

Craig Williams, ex officio

Lisa D. Carson, ex officio

Jed Atkins, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

Committee on Translations of Classical Authors

Diane Arnson Svarlien (2022-2025), Chair

Elizabeth Vandiver (2022-2025)

Stephanie McCarter (2023-2026)

Bret Mulligan (2023-2026)

Kate Meng Brassel (2024-2027)

Scott McGill (2024-2027)

Sam Huskey, ex officio

John Vitali, ex officio

TLL Fellowship Advisory Board

Christopher van den Berg (2022-2028), Chair

Kathleen M. Coleman (2020-2026)

Grant Parker (2024-2030)

TLL Selection Committee

Christopher van den Berg, Chair

Amy Koenig (2023-2024)

Rebecca Benefiel (2023-2024)

Kelly Shannon-Henderson (2023-2024)

Victoria Pagán (2023-2024)

Michele Kennerly (2023-2024)


Joshua Billings and Irene Peirano Garrison (2022-2026), co-editors

Information Architect

Samuel Huskey (2019-2023)

C. J. Goodwin Award of Merit Committee

Yopie Prins (2022-2025), co-chair

Rhiannon Ash (2022-2025), co-chair

Andrew Riggsby (2023-2026)

Gareth Williams (2024-2027)

Phiroze Vasunia (2024-2027)


To the American Classical League

Mary English (2019-2022)

To the American Council of Learned Societies

Matthew Roller (2024-2027)


Michael Gagarin (delegate)

John F. Miller (associate delegate)

To the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae

Kathleen M. Coleman