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A page from Martin Kraus’ Aethiopica Epitome processed using LatinOCR within VietOCR. It handles the opening chapter summary well but is only 88% accurate with the italicized body text.

Blog: Review: LatinOCR and Rescribe

hmcelroy |
Children playing ball games, 2nd century AD. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Blog: Think of the Children: Reflections on Reception of the Classical World

funkem, victoriaaustenperry |
Broken Statue of Ramses II

Blog: Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities: Ozymandias and Nero Inspire New Podcasts

Nina Papathanasopoulou |
Penelope and the Suitors, by John William Waterhouse. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Blog: Weaving Humanity Together: How Weaving Reveals Human Unity in Ancient Times

Anika T. Prather |
Ravenna Mosaic. Image courtesy of Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath.

Blog: Why do we think ancient pandemics changed the world?

Merle Eisenberg, Lee Mordechai |
14th century illustrated manuscript of Omne Bonum (by James le Palmer – British Library MS Royal 6 E. VI, fol. 301ra); it shows a bishop instructing clerics with leprosy.

Blog: “Disease Discourse” as a Phenomenon: Classical, and Christian, and Contemporary

Carson Bay |
Mary Beard in conversation with Vanessa Stovall and Ky Merkley

In Dialogue: Trans Studies and Classics. A conversation with Vanessa Stovall and Mary Beard on Twitter dialogue and the trans community

kgm3 |
LGBT Meets SPQR Logo

Blog: Review: LGBT Meets SPQR

Daniel Libatique |
Hades abducting Persephone. Fresco in the small royal tomb at Vergina, Macedonia, Greece. 340 BCE.

Blog: Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities: Reimagining Greek Myth for Communities Today

Nina Papathanasopoulou |
Roman portraiture fresco of a young man with a papyrus scroll, from Herculaneum, 1st century AD. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Blog: Two Key Myths about Equity and Inclusion in Classics Classrooms

Danielle Bostick |
Relief found in Neumagen near Trier, a teacher with three discipuli (180-185 AD). Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

Blog: Diversifying Classics in Germany: An Interview with Katharina Wesselmann

Nandini Pandey, Katharina Wesselmann |
Funerary relief of a priest of Magna Mater (gallus) from Lavinium. Rome, Capitoline Museums (mid-second century AD). Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Blog: In Dialogue. Trans Studies and Classics. A Conversation on Pronoun-Inclusive Pedagogy with Michael Goyette

kgm3 |
Header Image: Etruscan Alabaster Cinerary Urn with bas-relief that represents Odysseus and the Sirens. 3rd-2nd Cent. BCE. Museo Guarnacci, Volterra, Italy.

Blog: Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities: Making Personal Experiences Part of the Study of the Ancient World

Nina Papathanasopoulou |
The homepage of Alpheios

Blog: Review: A Conversation with the Creators of Alpheios Reading Tools

Annie K. Lamar |
Dr. Rock-McCutcheon and the cast of Antigone for Arts Day 2019 at Wilson College. Image courtesy of Bonnie Rock-McCutcheon.

Blog: Contingent Faculty Series: A Conversation with Bonnie Rock-McCutcheon

BonnieMcCutcheon |
Header image: Gold death-mask, known as the ‘mask of Agamemnon’. Mycenae, Grave Circle A, Grave V, 16th cent. BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Blog: Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities: Ancient Worlds through Modern Podcasts

Nina Papathanasopoulou |
Pleiades front page.

Review: Pleiades

Jon Weiland |
Logo of the Women's Classical Caucus

Blog: An Interview with Peopling the Past, Recipient of the WCC 2020–2021 Public Scholarship Award

Caroline Cheung, Suzanne_Lye |
Goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone give grain to Triptolemos and teach him the art of agriculture. Marble Relief from Eleusis. ca. 430 BCE. Roman copy. ca. 27 BCE – 14 CE. Photo courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Blog: Classics Everywhere: Fostering Interaction and Engagement in School-Aged Children

Nina Papathanasopoulou |
Banner of the Women's Classical Caucus, est. 1972

Blog: An Interview with Suzanne Lye, Recipient of the WCC 2020–2021 Leadership Award

Caroline Cheung, Suzanne_Lye |