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About the Award and Eligibility

The Charles J. Goodwin Awards of Merit, three prizes given annually, are named in honor of a long-time member and generous benefactor of the Society for Classical Studies. They are the only honors for scholarly books given by the Society. The awards are presented at the Annual Meeting for an outstanding contribution to classical scholarship published by a member of the Society during the three years before the current calendar year, i.e., in this case, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Candidates to be considered must have been continuous members of the SCS continuously for the three previous years (2020-2022). The SCS Office will verify the membership of authors.

The works chosen to receive the award may be books, monographs, or articles, provided that they have not appeared in substantially the same form in earlier publications. They are selected by the Committee on the C. J. Goodwin Award of Merit, which consists of five elected members. In 2013 the SCS Board of Directors mandated the Committee make three awards each year. The Committee welcomes nominations in all areas of classical studies. A list of previous recipients of the Award appears here.

Nomination Instructions

Letters of nomination, which may be submitted by anyone including publishers and the author, are due by March 22, 2023 and should be sent via email to Executive Director Helen Cullyer (

Nominators should also arrange for the publisher to send five copies, one for each committee member, to committee members directly by March 31, 2023. Instructions and addresses can be obtained from the Executive Director, Please note that books sent without a substantive nomination letter will not be considered.


  • Can anyone really make a nomination? Yes! Any organization or individual, including presses and authors, can nominate books. We accept nominations from SCS members and non-members. The Goodwin Committee discourages publishers that are nominating their books from making more than five nominations per press.
  • Where should publishers send books? To the committee members directly. Please ask the Executive Director for instructions by emailing
  • How do I know if an author is eligible? If you know the authors, you can ask them whether they were active members from 2020-2022. You can also contact the SCS office for an eligibility check ( The SCS office verifies the membership status of all nominees.
  • Who are this year's committee members? Amy Richlin and Richard Hunter (co-chairs), Rhiannon Ash, Yopie Prins, and Andrew Riggsby.