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February, 2016

July, 2016

The Society has again retained Vote-Now to conduct its election of officers, directors, and committee members. In August Vote-Now will send instructions for voting in this election to all SCS members in good standing for 2016. Members for whom we have a valid e-mail address will receive their instructions via e-mail; all others will receive instructions via first-class mail. Regardless of the method of notification, all members will once again have the option to vote online or to use a paper ballot. The deadline for receipt of paper ballots will be the close of business on September 19, 2016. Online balloting will close at 3:00 a.m. Eastern time on September 22, 2016.

As President Roger Bagnall recently reported, last month the Board of Directors approved a number of changes to our organizational structure that will become effective on January 1, 2017. The only elections on this ballot affected by this reorganization are for the member of the Education Committee, the member of the Publications and Research Committee, and the member of the Professional Matters Committee. After January 1 the Education Committee will be divided into two bodies, one that will oversee our efforts at colleges and universities and the other, for grades K-12; it will also be filled by appointment. The winner of this election will be appointed to one of those new committees. After January 1, members of the Publications and Research Committee (but not the Vice President) will be appointed rather than elected; the winner of the current election will serve on that body through January 2021. The member elected to the Professional Matters Committee will serve as of 2017 on the Professional Ethics Committee. Because we will be effecting these transitions over the next six months, the documents mentioned above that describe the responsibilities of various positions and that list the names of members who will retire from or continue in elected office both reflect our current structure.

The online ballot will contain links to the biographical sketches and election statements of individual candidates. In addition, several documents relevant to the election are posted here.

Helen Cullyer
Executive Director
July 20, 2016

Election Results

The following members were chosen in the elections held this Summer. They take office on January 2017, except for the two new members of the Nominating Committee who take office immediately.


Joseph Farrell

Vice President, Professional Matters

Barbara Gold

Vice President, Publications and Research

Donald J. Mastronarde

Goodwin Award Committee

Emma Dench

Board of Directors

Anne Groton

Kirk Ormand

Education Committee

(Will serve on K-12 Education Committee or College and University Education Committee)

Jon Mikalson

Nominating Committee

Antony Augoustakis

Kathryn Morgan

Professional Matters Committee

(Will serve on Professional Ethics Committee)

Catherine Keane

Program Committee

Simon Goldhill

Andrew Riggsby

Publications and Research Committee

Helma Dik

September 27, 2016

Helen Cullyer