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(For 2017 Election results and materials click here.)

The members of the Society listed below have accepted nomination for the specified offices and are prepared to stand for election this year, 2018. We thank the Nominating Committee, chaired by Jenny Strauss Clay and Catherine Connors, for their hard work in nominating candidates for 2018.

Elections will be held this summer, with voting open from August 1 through mid-September.

Full candidate statements are already available.

The 2018 election will also feature one referendum item, a proposed revision to the section of our Statement on Professional Ethics on Cultural Property.

Election Slate

President Elect: (slate of two for one position)

John Miller

Sheila Murnaghan

Vice President for Program (slate of two for one position)

Cynthia Damon

Carole Newlands

Nominating Committtee (slate of four for two positions)

Laurel Fulkerson

Kenneth Morrell

Celia Schultz

Alden Smith

Board of Directors (slate of five for two positions)

Anthony Corbeill

Robin Mitchell-Boyask

Nigel Nicholson

Peter Struck

Gareth Williams

Junior Financial Trustee (slate of two for one position)

Laura McClure

Lee Pearcy

Committee on Professional Ethics (slate of two for one position)

Kathleen Coleman

Lesley Dean-Jones

Program Committee (slate of two for one position)

Johanna Hanink

Tim Power

Goodwin Committee (slate of four for two positions)

Luca Grillo

Noel Lenski

David Konstan

Jim Porter