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Mail Votes by APA Board of Directors and Executive Committee

February 2013. The Board approved a compromise negotiated by APA and AIA Officers concerning the level of AIA’s financial support for the Joint Placement Service during the 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13 academic years.

March 2013. The Board voted to accept the recommendations of an ad hoc Committee on Awards to mandate the selection of three Goodwin award winners each year, to expand gradually the size of the Goodwin Award Committee to five members serving staggered three-year terms, and to ask the Board to examine the distribution of Goodwin awards five years after the implementation of the new mandate to determine whether early career scholars have been adequately represented in the selection of award winners.

March 2013. The Executive Committee approved an administrative structure for a series of summer seminars on material culture for classics graduate students. If this project were to obtain outside funding, it would be overseen by a committee consisting of the Vice Presidents for Education and for Publications and Research plus an additional member selected by the two vice presidents.

March 2013. The Board approved the appointment of Prof. Alain M. Gowing to fill a vacancy for one year on the Goodwin Award Committee.