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The APA Board of Directors took the following actions by mail votes in the period January to May 2011.

January 2011: The Board approved a proposal to solicit gifts for the Gateway endowment that would fund brief visits to the Fondation Hardt by American scholars at an early point in their careers (just before or after receiving their doctorates). As with all other endowment projects, the Association would need to receive at least $50,000 in gifts before implementing this program. That sum would be sufficient to cover the airfare and up to a month's stay for one recipient each year.

February 2011: The Board authorized President Coleman to sign a statement promulgated by the Archaeological Institute of America urging protection for antiquities in Egypt.

February 2011: The Board accepted the recommendation of the Executive Committee that President Coleman write a letter concerning a plagiarism case that the Subcommittee on Professional Ethics and then the Board as a whole had reviewed. The Directors authorized Prof. Coleman to compile the materials reviewed by the Subcommittee and Board, convey them to the office responsible for research ethics at the institution where the work complained of had been published, and to notify the member who had brought the complaint that the APA had taken this action.

May 2011: The Board accepted the recommendation of the Task Force on Performance Archives that the APA endorse a proposal from New York University to set up a digital archive of modern performances of ancient drama.