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Classics Everywhere: Funded Projects

Scroll down to see the list of projects funded thus far.

Classics Everywhere - November 1, 2018 deadline projects

  • Nyansa Classical Community – New Orleans, LA

Angel Parham

  • Latin After-School Aequora Program – Jamaica Plain, MA

Kendra Eshleman and Christopher Polt

  • Wilson College Classical Chorus – Chambersburg, PA

Bonnie McCutcheon

  • Poetry and Performance – Memphis, TN

Kenneth Scott Morrell

  • Homerathon – Lincoln, NE

Mike Lippman

  • Indigo Bridge Bookstore Event – Lincoln, NE

Amy Pistone

  • Three C's - Classics, Cinema, and Conversation – Winston-Salem, NC

Lauren Rogers

  • Putting the "Lives of Early African American Classicists into the Hands of our Secondary Teachers" – ACL Centennial Meeting, NYC

Michele Valerie Ronnick

  • The Oresteia Project: Free Performance of Operatic Highlights – Washington, D.C.

Andrew E. Simpson and Sarah B. Ferrario

  • Black Classicists Outreach – Washington, D.C.

Caroline Stark

  • Symposium on Liberal Education and African American History: A Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Anna Julia Cooper – Washington, D.C.

David Withun

  • Classics Unit for Homeless Shelter Aftercare – Honolulu, HI

Daniel Harris-McCoy

Classics Everywhere - March 1, 2019 deadline projects

  • After the Antique: Mithras Now: A Painting Workshop – Berkshires, MA

Susan P. Bachelder

  • Greeking It Up with the Romans: Staging Plautus’ The Braggart Soldier – Starkville, MS

Donna Clevinger

  • Classical Drama LIVE! – Winston-Salem, NC

Lauren Rogers

  • Martha Graham’s Dance Interpretations of Ancient Greek Heroines – Boston, MA

Stephen Scully

  • Reading Classics Books to kids at low income Elementary Schools – Lexington, KY

Diane Arnson Svarlien

  • Ancients in the Parks!: Roman Engineering – OH and WV

Sarah Wear

  • Introductory Latin in Prisons: Summer 2019 – Hartford, CT

Nebojsa Todorovic and S. Zelda Roland

  • Voices of Ancient Palmyra – San Bernandino, CA

Carly Maris

  • New Directions in Classics – Winnipeg, Canada

Peter J. Miller

Classics Everywhere - May 15, 2019 deadline projects

  • Case Western Classics Day – Cleveland, OH

Evelyn Adkins

  • Classics Summer Camp – Madison, WI

William Aylward

  • Ancient Leadership Everywhere – MA, NY, D.C., NC

Norman Sandridge

  • Classics Beyond Whiteness – Winston-Salem, NC

T.H.M. Gellar-Goad

  • Casey Middle School Latin program – Boulder, CO

Andrew Cain

  • Electra International Tour – London, Berlin, Istanbul

Lily Grob

  • Jkids: Classics videos for kids – online

Sofia and Teodor Poinelli

Classics Everywhere - October 15, 2019 deadline projects

  • Classics Day V – Monmouth, IL

Robert Holschuh Simmons

  • More Latin Moments than Senior Moments – Branford, CT

Susan Craig

  • Mini Maker Faire: Roman Concrete – Baton Rouge, LA

Nathalie Roy

  • Public Face of Emotions: Greek Classics and the Role of Emotions in our Lives – Boston, MA

Emily Allen-Hornblower

  • The Stuff of Legend: Classical Mythology & its Impact on Creative Writing – Dublin, CA

Sarah Shin

  • Homer’s Odyssey in Homer – Homer, AL

Joe Goodkin

  • After-School Latin Program – Lawrenceville, NJ

Regina Koebele-Demaree

  • Printing the Past: Classical Studies & 3D Printing workshop – Schenectady, NY

Angela Commito

  • Morningside Heights Latin Camp – New York, NY

Lydia Palmer

  • Hive: An Art Exhibition at Krannert Art Museum – Champaign, IL

Amy Powell and Clara Bosak-Schroeder

  • Philosophy & Literature Circle: A Prison Education Program – San Antonio, TX

Mel Webb and Jessica Wright

  • Black Classicisms and the Black Atlantic: A Public Program – Detroit, MI

Michele Valerie Ronnick

  • Nyansa: A New Curriculum for the Youth – New Orleans, LA

Angel Parham

  • Penelope and the Geese: A Workshop & Opera Performance – Saugerties, NY

Cheri Magid

  • Homerathon in ChicagoLand – Chicago, IL

Krishni Burns

  • Classics and the World Today 4 – Mississauga, Canada

Boris Chrubasik

  • Classics in Humanities and University Education in Africa: The Way Forward: A Public Panel in Ghana – Ghana

Michael Kwadwo Okyere Asante

  • First-Generation Classics: A Special issue of Eidolon – online

Donna Zuckerberg

Classics Everywhere - February 20, 2020 deadline projects

  • Inside Classics: a Video and Podcast Project – Austin, TX

Ayelet Haimson Lushkov

  • Conversations with Homer – San Francisco, CA

Alexandra Pappas

  • Classical Crosswords – Charlotte, NC

Genevieve Romanelli

  • UNL Homerathon 2020 – Lincoln, NE

Mike Lippman

  • Inclusive Classics: Retelling Greco-Roman Myths for the 21st Century – Chicago, IL

David Tapper

  • Vermont Classical Play / City Dionysia (Aristophanes’ Clouds) – Burlington, VT

John C. Franklin

  • “Unchain My Heart”: Staging Prometheus Bound for Today’s Audiences Starkville, MS

Donna Clevinger

  • The Wars Within, The Wars Without: Lucan’s Civil War through Modern Veterans’ Eyes – Huntington, West Virginia

Christina Franzen

  • Martha Graham Interprets Greek Myths – Athens, Greece

Penny Diamantopoulou

  • Owls to Athens: An Odyssey through Ancient Greek Culture – Norwich, CT

Dayne Rugh

  • It Starts with the Stars: Learning Introductory Latin Through Western Zodiac’s Mythology – Boston, MA


Melissa Saunders

  • Cathartic History Conference – Carrollton, GA

Nadya Williams

  • Arachne’s Threads: Spinning and Fiber in the Ancient Mediterranean – Lubbock, TX

Sydnor Roy

  • Classical Words, Modern Heroes: Examples from the 21st Century – Italy

Rachele Pierini

Classics Everywhere - May 15, 2020 deadline projects

  • Ancient Ghosts, Hauntings, Spectres, and Superstitions – New York, NY

Erin Petrella

  • Ad Aequiora: Underrepresented Voices – online

Danielle Bostick

  • Bringing the Musical Joy of Classics to Small-Town America – California

Sarah Ying Bai

  • Novae Res Antiqui (“A Revolution of the Classics”) – Lectures/Podcast – New Jersey, Massachusetts, and online

Jonathan Fu

  • The Trojan Women: the Classics in a Pandemic – New York

Nancy S. Rabinowitz

  • Jkids Bits of Classics & History YouTube Channel – Belgium

Sofia and Teodoro Poinelli

  • Euripides’ Andromache – New York, Puerto Rico, Argentina

Cristina Perez Diaz and Alejandro Kauderer

  • Inspire 100,000 for Ancient Studies: A Social Media Campaign - A Project of Save Ancient Studies in America (SASA) – online

David Danzig

  • AGORA: (A)ncient (G)reek (O)bservations in (R)ediscovering (A)ntiquity – Illinois

Sara Kumar and Ariadne Merchant

  • Performing Tragedy Online – online

Joel P. Christensen and Paul O’Mahony

  • Classics at the University of Alberta’s U School: Engaging with and Enriching Under-resourced Students – Canada

Kelly MacFarlane

  • Panel Discussions around the new film “Ovid and the Art of Love” – online

Benjamin Weisman

  • Louisiana Junior Classical League Classics Fair – New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Stephen Beck and Katherine Norton











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