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Elected Officers, Directors, and Committee Members Continuing and Retiring in 2020


President:  Mary T. Boatwright

Immediate Past President:  Joseph Farrell, RETIRING

President-Elect: Sheila Murnaghan 

Senior Financial Trustee and  Vice President for Resources:  David W. Tandy (2016-22)

Junior Financial Trustee: Laura McClure (2019-2025)

Executive Director:  Helen Cullyer (ex officio)

Vice President for Communications And Outreach:  Matthew M. McGowan (2016-2020), RETIRING

Vice President for Education: Ariana Traill (2018-2022)

Vice President for Professional Matters: Barbara Gold (2017-2021)

Vice President for Program: Cynthia Damon (2019-2023)

Vice President for Publications and Research: Donald Mastronarde (2017-2021)

Director:  Anne Groton (2017-2020), RETIRING

Director: Christina Kraus (2018-2021)

Director: Robin Mitchell-Boyask (2019-2022)

Director:  Kirk Ormand (2017-2020), RETIRING

Director: Mary Jaeger (2018-2021)

Director: Anthony Corbeill (2019-2022)

Director:  Matthew Roller (ex officio)


Nominating Committee  (New members take office directly after the summer 2019 election)

Joseph Farrell, ex officio

Lilian Doherty (2017-2020), Co-chair

Ralph Rosen (2017-2020), Co-chair

Laurel Fulkerson (2018-2021)

Celia Schultz (2018-2021)

Antonios Augoustakis (2016-2019), RETIRING

Kathryn Morgan (2016-2019), RETIRING


Committee on Professional Ethics

Barbara Gold, Chair ex officio

Sheila Murnaghan, ex officio

Catherine Keane (2017-2021)

Kathleen Coleman (2019-2023)

Andrew Feldherr (2018-2022)

Jennifer Larson (2018-22)


Program Committee

Cynthia Damon, Chair, ex officio

Simon Goldhill (2017-2020), RETIRING

Andrew Riggsby (2017-2020), RETIRING

Johanna Hanink (2019-2022)

Timothy Moore (2018-2021)

Raffaella Cribiore (2018-2021)

Barbara Weiden Boyd (2018-2021)

Helen Cullyer, ex officio

Cherane Ali, ex officio


C. J. Goodwin Award of Merit Committee

Emma Dench (2017-2020), Chair, RETIRING

Carolyn Dewald (2018-2021)

Jeffrey Henderson (2018-2021)

Jim Porter (2019-2022)

David Konstan (2019-2022)

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