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Guidelines on Podcasting and Copyrighted Materials

  1. Podcast creators should always follow fair use standards when acknowledging sources and, where necessary, seek permission when using copyrighted materials. For standards of Fair Use and copyrights, see the American Library Association’s guide at
  2. When quoting a copyrighted work, podcasters should ensure that listeners can distinguish the quotation from other content, for example by naming the author when the quoted material is introduced.
  3. When paraphrasing or using ideas from copyrighted works, podcasters should provide full bibliographical information on works consulted for each episode in the episode description, on a website, or in a credits section at the end of the episode. If a website provides the bibliographical information, the episode should include information on how to find it, such as the web address.
  4. Podcast creators should ensure that any music they use is either properly licensed or in the public domain. Music available under Creative Commons licenses, together with further information on licensing, can be found at sites such as
  5. For visual materials such as photographs, refer to the SCS webpage “Using Images in Teaching and Publications” at…. As in the case of music, most images are under copyright and it is necessary to obtain permission to publish them. Wikimedia Commons is a standard source for photographs available under Creative Commons licenses; note that such permission applies to the photograph itself and not necessarily to the object photographed. It may also be necessary to seek permission from the owner (for example, the museum in which the object is held).

Drafted by the ad hoc task force on podcasting guidelines: Matthew McGowan; Robert Kaster; Zoe Kontes; Jennifer Larson; Scott Lepisto.

Approved by the SCS Board of Directors June 6, 2019