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President Elect (2 to elect 1)
Roger S. Bagnall
Peter Burian

Vice President for Program (2 to elect 1)
Michele Renee Salzman
David Sider

Board of Directors (5 to elect 2)
Stephen Hinds
Brooke Holmes
John T. Kirby
Ellen Oliensis
Alexander Sens

Education Committee (2 to elect 1)
Kendra Eshleman
Thomas J. Sienkewicz

Goodwin Award Committee (4 to elect2)
Mark Griffith
William A. Johnson
Donald Lateiner
Sheila Murnaghan

Nominating Committee (4 to elect 2)
T. Corey Brennan
James M. May
Corinne Pache
David Sansone

Professional Matter Committee (4 to elect 2)
Kevin Crotty
Patricia J. Johnson
Vassiliki Panoussi
Craig Williams

Program Committee (2 to elect 1)
Mary Jaeger
Paul Allen Miller

Publications and Research Committee (2 to elect 1)
Emily Greenwood
Nita Krevans

Members are reminded that it is possible to nominate additional candidates by petition. Nominations of candidates not proposed by the Nominating Committee shall require the signature of twenty members in good standing (2014 dues must be paid) and must be reported to the Executive Director by April 15, 2014. A current curriculum vitae of the candidate, who must also be a member in good standing, should be submitted by the same deadline.