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President-Elect (1 to be elected)
John Bodel
S. Georgia Nugent

Financial Trustee (1 to be elected)
Christopher Celenza
David Tandy

Vice President for Outreach (1 to be elected)
Matthew McGowan
Kenneth Morrell

Board of Directors (2 to be elected)
Eric Dugdale
Alison Keith
Jeanne Neumann
Jeffrey Rusten
Alden Smith

Goodwin Award (2 to be elected)
Brad Inwood
Michèle Lowrie
James J. O’Donnell
Richard Tarrant

Nominating Committee (2 to be elected)
Jenny Strauss Clay
Catherine Connors
Victoria Pagán
Rachel Sternberg

Committee on Education (1 to be elected)
Barbara Weinlich
Robert Thomas White

Committee on Professional Matters (1 to be elected)
Robert Kaster
Peter Struck

Program Committee (1 to be elected)
Helene Foley
Eric Orlin

Committee on Publications and Research (1 to be elected)
Joel Perry Christensen
John R. Dugan

Members are reminded that it is possible to nominate additional candidates by petition. Nominations of candidates not proposed by the Nominating Committee shall require the signature of twenty members in good standing (2015 dues must be paid) and must be reported to the Executive Director by April 15, 2015. A current curriculum vitae of the candidate, who must also be a member in good standing, should be submitted by the same deadline.