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The Nominating Committee has put forward the slate of candidates below for the election to take place this Summer.

Ward W. Briggs
Joseph Farrell

Vice President Professional Matters
Barbara K. Gold
Marilyn B. Skinner

Vice President Publications and Research
Donald J. Mastronarde
David S. Potter

Goodwin Award Committee
Emma Dench
Josiah Ober

Board of Directors
Judith Evans-Grubbs
Anne H. Groton
Julia D. Hejduk
Kirk Ormand
Patrice D. Rankine

Education Committee
Sherwin Little
Jon D. Mikalson

Nominating Committee
Antony Augoustakis
Kathryn A. Morgan
Patricia A. Rosenmeyer
Stephen A. White

Professional Matters Committee
Alain M. Gowing
Catherine C. Keane

Program Committee
Simon Goldhill
Andrew M. Riggsby
Duane W. Roller
Ineke Sluiter

Publications and Research Committee
Craige Champion
Helma Dik

Members are reminded that it is possible to nominate additional candidates by petition. Nominations of candidates not proposed by the Nominating Committee shall require the signature of twenty members in good standing (2016 dues must be paid) and must be reported to the Executive Director by April 15, 2016. A current curriculum vitae of the candidate, who must also be a member in good standing, should be submitted by the same deadline.