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This paper reports on the fourth annual College Greek Exam (CGE) administered in March 2012. It begins with a brief history of the exam and its origins. The exam began as a parallel to the National Greek Exam but specifically for college-level students in their first year. Armed with a basic format, syllabus and vocabulary, a pilot exam was given in 2008 and the first regular annual exam in 2009. The report then goes on to describe developments in the 2012 exam and enumerates the high scores and averages. The results of the exam are then analyzed according to grammatical categories. Where the same or similar questions have been asked on previous exams, there is a comparison of how the students did on both exams. The report includes some general comments on how the exam and the results mesh with certain issues in teaching first year Greek at the college level, both pedagogical (textbooks, etc) and administrative (the need for external assessment tools, etc). Finally, the report provides updates on some changes to the exam’s syllabus and the ongoing efforts to administer the exam online.