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Demystifying Assessment

Organized by the Education Committee

Eric Dugdale, Gustavus Adolphus College and Keely Lake, Wayland Academy, Organizers

This panel intends to equip instructors to teach in an age of assessment. Presenters will discuss the design, implementation, and results of their assessment. They will describe how they have aligned learning goals and assessment, and how assessment has improved their teaching and the learning of their students. A variety of assessment methods and instruments will be showcased, including quantitative and qualitative, formal and informal, longitudinal and instant. The papers describe forms of assessment that range in scale from multi-institutional projects to forms of assessment implemented in individual courses, and represent both university and high school contexts. Discussion will follow.

Eric Dugdale, Gustavus Adolphus College

Introduction: Making Assessment Work for You (10 mins.)

1. David Johnson and Yasuko Taoka, Southern Illinois University

Assessing Translingual and Transcultural Competence (20 mins.)

2. Jacqueline Carlon, University of Massachusetts Boston

Rethinking the Latin Classroom: Changing the Role of Translation in Assessment (20 mins.)

3. Michael Arnush, Skidmore College and Kenny Morrell, Rhodes College

The Teagle Assessment Project: A Study of the Learning Outcomes for Majors in Classics (20 mins.)

4. Keely Lake, Wayland Academy

Assessment at the Secondary Level: Demands and Benefits (20 mins.)

5. Ryan Fowler and Amy Singer, Franklin and Marshall College

Assessing Learning Outcomes Online: A Longitudinal, Collaborative, Inter-institutional Case Study (20 mins.)

General discussion (40 mins.)