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The New Standards for Learning Classical Languages

Organized by the Committee on Education

Mary English, Montclair State University, Organizer

The Standards for Learning Classical Languages provide a framework for assessing student proficiency in Latin and Greek. Although the Standards are used primarily by K-12 public school teachers as a guide for creating lesson plans that conform to national expectations for Latin and Greek curricula, they will become increasingly important for college and university faculty. This panel looks at how the newly-revised Standards affect college and university faculty and how instructors can embrace them to revitalize their Latin and Greek programs.

1. Mary English, Montclair State University


2. John Gruber-Miller, Cornell College

Why the Standards Matter for College and University Educators

3. Wilfred E. Major, Louisiana State University

Recontextualizing the Teaching of Ancient Greek Within the New Standards for Classical Languages

4. Liane Houghtalin, University of Mary Washington

Material Culture and the Greek and Latin Classroom

5. Teres Ramsby, University of Massachusetts Amherst

The New Standards for Learning Classical Languages and Latin Teacher Certification

Followed by general discussion.