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Call for Abstracts: Herculaneum: Works in Progress

Herculaneum: Works in Progress

Sponsored by the American Friends of Herculaneum

Organized by Carol Mattusch, George Mason University, , and David Sider, New York University, .

The American Friends of Herculaneum invite proposals for papers to be given at its sponsored panel at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) from January 3 - 6, 2019, to be held in San Diego. Papers may be on any aspects of Herculaneum - architecture, sculpture, painting, texts, excavation, conservation, later history, recent finds, with special emphasis on current work involving new technologies, new initiatives, and new practices.

By March 1, 2018, please submit a cover letter confirming your 2017 membership in the SCS, and a one-page anonymous proposal for a 15–20-minute paper to Ms. Nancy A. Smith, Department of Classics, New York University ( Follow the instructions for the format of individual abstracts on the SCS website. Proposals will be read anonymously by two referees.

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