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SCS Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance (CAMP)

Call for Director and Play at the 2020 Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C. (January 2 – 5, 2020)

The Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance invites expressions of interest in directing the performance of a play at the 2020 SCS meeting in Washington, D.C. Past scripts have included translations and adaptations of ancient Greek and Roman plays, as well as plays inspired by classical themes, figures and topics. Proposals for plays must be accompanied by a firm commitment by a director or a larger creative team who will assume full responsibility for production. Scripts must be complete by the time the statement of interest is submitted, and the proposer must have the legal right to perform the script. The director must be a member of the Society for Classical Studies whose dues have been paid for the year 2020.

The director is given free rein with regard to the artistic realm of the play, including the scale of the production, though we strongly caution potential directors to be mindful of the extreme limitations imposed by a very short rehearsal period (less than two days), a short time slot for performance (an hour and a half), few theatrical resources, and a limited budget ($1,300 maximum). The director is responsible for writing and distributing a call for actors, for planning in advance the type of production to be done, for maintaining contact with a CAMP liaison and the SCS regarding performance progress and needs, and of course for directing or overseeing the show in Washington, D.C.

Statements of interest must address the following issues:

1. Why is the SCS Meeting a good venue for this show?

2. How and when do you intend to distribute your call for actors?

3. Approximately how many actors and other participants (musicians, stage managers, etc.) do you anticipate requiring?

4. Who do you anticipate your actors will be? Members of the SCS or non-members, or a medley thereof?

5. When will you require those involved in the show to arrive in San Diego to begin rehearsals and what would the general outlines of your rehearsal schedule be?

6. What do you anticipate the running time of the show to be?

7. What do you anticipate requiring in terms of props, costumes and other resources?

Please send statements of interest to Timothy Wutrich ( by or before December 30, 2018.