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a new version by Lane Anthony Flores

2022 SCS/AIA Annual Meeting (San Francisco), January 5–8, 2022 (exact time TBD).

Directed by Lane Anthony Flores

The Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance presents hippolytos, the fi rst of a new triptych of plays, collectively titled a Queer Dionysia, aiming to investigate queer storytelling and history with regard to modern perspectives and ancient conversations. It tells the story of a young loner who experiences epiphany as they seek to reconcile the violence of a binary world and the fact of their own existence. Set during the siege of Athens by the Amazons, this new adaptation of the myth of Hippolytos features modern elements and contemporary language while utilizing heightened verse and ancient dramatic structures.

Actors from every background are welcome, and no previous experience required! If you are interested in giving CAMP a fi rst-time try, there is the opportunity for silent roles to be made available as well.

LGBTQI+ and BIPOC voices are especially encouraged to join this project,

but all are welcome!

Possible [speaking] roles include:

Hippolytos: (they/them or he/him) The child of the King; a young queer person investigating identity.

Princess: (she/her or they/them) Princess of the fallen kingdom of Krete, sister of Ariadne and the Minotaur. Or so it seems.

King: (he/him) Theseus, king of Athens. A patriarchal warlord.

Penthesilea: (she/her) Leader of a Chorus of Amazons; a queen of killers.

Chorus: (any) Alternately Amazons, video game characters, social media influencers, newscasters, and the singers of truth.

Artemis: (she/her or they/them) The Huntress. A depiction in a video game that speaks to the soul of wildness.

Ghost: (she/her) The ghost of an Amazon queen.


Musicians/singers: any instrument or style is welcome!

*PLEASE NOTE* if you are a musician also interested in acting, you’re welcome to be involved in both!

Technicians/Crew: anyone with technical experience (costuming, audio/sound, stagecraft, etc.) is welcome and valued!

If you are interested in participating, please email Lane ( by Friday, September 10 to let us know how you might like to participate and contribute. We will aim to have a preliminary Zoom meeting with everybody the weekend of September 25–26.