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The SCS Program Committee encourages SCS members to organize joint panels, seminars, or workshops in cooperation with AIA members. Submissions must be made to both organizations and conform to the guidelines of both the SCS and the AIA. No limit has been placed on the number of such sessions that can be scheduled each year. Please note that the Program Committees of the two societies review each proposal independently. Depending on the outcomes of these deliberations, a particular session may be accepted for both programs, for only one program, or for neither.

There is no separate process to submit a proposal for a joint session to the SCS. When the program submission system becomes available, follow the instructions for the type of session you are proposing, and be sure to answer “yes” when the system asks if you are also submitting the proposal to the AIA. Where the system asks for a participant's SCS member number, you may enter "AIA Member" instead as necessary. Keep in mind, however, that if the SCS Program Committee accepts the panel, but AIA does not, all participants in the session will need to pay SCS dues for 2015. Please consult AIA guidelines for details on their submission process. Please note that if you intend to submit a proposal for a panel to the AIA as a possible joint session, the submission deadlines for AIA are March 8, 2015 and March 22 (with $25 fee).