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Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy

Organized by the Program Committee of the SAGP:

Elizabeth Asmis, University of Chicago

Richard McKirahan, Pomona College

Deborah Modrak, University of Rochester

John Thorp, University of Western Ontario

Mark Wheeler, San Diego State University

Fred Miller, Jr., Bowling Green State Unversity

Anthony Preus, Binghamton University (Secretary)

Papers on any topic in Ancient Greek Philosophy, from the 6th century BCE to the 6th century CE, may be considered. In order to have the papers blind-reviewed by our committee, and get the program to the SCS in time, we need them by March 1, 2020. The Committee will review all submissions anonymously, and their decision will be communicated to the authors by April 1, 2020. In order to have your paper reviewed by the Program Committee you need to be a current member of SAGP. Email to check on your membership status if you don’t know. Submitters of papers should make their email message the “cover letter” of their submission, including their name, address, academic affiliation, and the title of the paper. Attach the paper, prepared for blind (anonymous) review, in “.doc”, “.docx”, or “rtf” – NOT PDF! The paper may include “real Greek” if it is in a Unicode font. The Program Committee has decided that papers submitted by authors who have had a paper accepted by the Society for presentation at a meeting of the American Philosophical Association or the Society for Classical Studies during the past year should not be considered. The Program Committee has requested that submissions be limited to 3000 words MAX, and suggests that submissions less than 1000 words are too short to be evaluated effectively. Accepted papers may be revised up to a max of 5000 words for distribution. Address any questions about this process to