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A category for public statements issued by the SCS.

Board Statement on the Annual Meeting

Over the summer, the SCS Board of Directors has had several discussions about the 2023 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. These deliberations echoed all the concerns that the Board has heard from members via two annual meeting surveys, email correspondence, and social media. We realize many will opt to participate virtually because of financial constraints, health concerns, and potential travel disruptions. We further share the outrage of many members about the assaults on reproductive justice, and racial and gender equity, in Louisiana and other states.

Statement of the SCS Executive Committee

Since issues pertaining to social media continue to arise, the Society for Classical Studies wishes as a supplement to its earlier statement to caution its members and the members of its various affiliated organizations that they should take great care before making allegations on matters of fact about members of the scholarly community or repeating such assertions in their own media posts. Strong criticism is protected by academic freedom, but falsehood is not.

SCS Board endorses joint statement on legislative efforts to restrict education on racism

The SCS Board of Directors has co-signed the following statement, which has been authored jointly by the American Association of University Professors, the American Historical Association, the Association of American Colleges & Universities, and PEN America. As of June 16, 2021, 80 organizations have endorsed the statement.

You can read the full text and list of signatories below and read the press release by the American Historical Association here.

June 16, 2021

Public Statement

The Executive Committee of the SCS has issued the following statement:

For several years, serious issues have arisen concerning online communications within the classics community. The SCS reminds its members to respect the dignity of one another in professional and private communications. These communications include, inter alia, social media posts and direct messages, private emails, and messages posted to email listservs. In view of these concerns the SCS Professional Matters Division is preparing guidelines for social media and other online communications.

SCS Urges Kansas Regents to Abandon Temporary Suspension of Tenure Protections

Academic freedom and tenure are of fundamental importance, indeed the basis upon which America has achieved pre-eminence in higher education. Without its protections, faculty are at constant risk of arbitrary termination, with chilling and destructive effects on their ability to conduct groundbreaking research and provide state-of-the-art teaching.

SCS Board endorses MESA statement on proposed rule limiting student visa duration


The SCS board of directors has endorsed a statement issued by the Middle East Studies Association on a proposed rule by DHS that would limit the duration of student visas. The proposed rule, if adopted, would mark the most sweeping change to student visa rules in decades. You can read the statement here:…

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