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The study of the Classics can lead to many careers. Most who choose the Classics do so first and foremost out of fascination and enchantment, a literal love of the field. Career considerations may come second to such devotion, but they are real considerations all the same. At whatever level you choose to pursue the Classics, to whatever extent it forms the core of your day-to-day occupation, one thing must be borne in mind. Classics is one of the premier liberal arts degrees, imparting to its students unparalleled abilities to read, interpret, communicate, and, most importantly, think. But this is not all. The study of antiquity, of the languages, arts, history, and literatures of the Greeks and Romans, is intrinsically valuable, and the benefits achieved in this study go far beyond the realm of where one works on a daily basis. There is, indeed, a difference between "Careers in the Classics" and "Careers for Classicists" - the former may be numerically fewer than the latter, but each has the ability to make our lives more meaningful and full. There are few rewards greater than this.

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