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Dear Placement Service Subscribers,

Please note that the June listings were the final for the 1998-99 Placement Year. Enrollment information for the 1999-2000 Placement Year will be available in the next APA Newsletter, due out in July, and it will also be available at the APA website on or about July 10, 1999. Please be aware the APA office is in the process of moving and re-staffing, and as of July 9, 1999 all APA activity will be conducted in the new offices at the University of Pennsylvania. Details of the new office - address, phone, e-mail, contacts - will be available at the website on July 1, 1999.

We regret that because of the transition the New York University Offices will not be able to respond to inquiries after June 30, 1999. Thank you.

Elizabeth Cannon