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Bust of a Roman Lady

Review: Online Companion to The Worlds of Roman Women

December 5, 2016

The online companion to the print book The Worlds of Roman Women is an important resource that should be far more widely known and used than it is. It offers annotated primary texts, images, and pedagogical materials for teachers of Latin and was called “the gold standard for a web translation resource for intermediate as well as more advanced students,” by Andrew Reinhard nearly a decade ago,[1] and this judgment is still accurate—not because of a sleek or beautiful interface, but because of the wealth of carefully curated content it provides.

The book The Worlds of Roman Women appeared in 2005. Its authors, Ann Raia, Cecelia Luschnig, and Judith Lynn Sebesta, had seen “a need for an anthology of readings about women that was directed to the intermediate stage of Latin learning (p. vii),” and responded by gathering an excellent selection of readings and supplementing them with plentiful Read more …

Blog: Trends in Teaching Classics to Undergraduates

November 21, 2016

This paper was delivered as part of "The Future of Classical Education: A Dialogue," a panel organized by the SCS Program Committee at the 147th annual meeting of the SCS in San Francisco, January 8, 2016.

The economic volatility of the last decade has taken a toll on education at every level; the humanities in general and language studies in particular have suffered far more than STEM subjects; and among languages, Greek and Latin, which offer no immediately profitable benefits, feel especially vulnerable. Many of us feel this concern instinctively and find that anecdotes from around the country reinforce our concerns. In addition, three national organizations have published large-scale reports that each offer a different snapshot on the state of undergraduate education.


The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has published two national departmental surveys of humanities departments Read more …