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Posts by Andrea Gatzke

Blog: Global Feminism and the Classics at the SCS Sesquicentennial

As the field of Classical Studies has sought to maintain its relevance in our ever-changing modern world, it has begun to incorporate new approaches. Today there is much more scholarship on topics such as gender, sexuality, and race in the ancient world, for example, than there was even thirty years ago. Much of this change has resulted from the incorporation of theoretical frameworks from fields outside of classical studies, including literary criticism, gender and sexuality studies, and social theory. Yet there is still so much work to be done, especially when it comes to understanding marginal groups in antiquity, such as women, ethnic minorities, and sexual minorities.

One framework that has been underutilized in the field of Classical Studies is global/transnational feminism, a feminist approach that challenges the tendencies of Western feminism to universalize the Western experience onto other cultures. Global/transnational feminism instead examines the diverse Read more …