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Façade of the Celsus library, in Ephesus, near Selçuk, west Turkey. Benh Lieu Song (Image via Wikimedia under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 License).

Blog: Being an Independent Scholar in Classics: Challenges and Reflections

SCS’s Executive Director reflects on the experiences, challenges, and future of independent scholarship in our ongoing series on the subject.

All of our Independent Scholar blogposts have drawn on personal experiences, and mine is also personal. Your posts have certainly helped me think more deeply and creatively about how the national classical society can support independent scholarship. My response falls into two parts: a celebration of the scholarly work that independent scholars are all currently doing in different ways, and some constructive responses to the challenges that independent scholars face.

Now to address some challenges:

1. Access to Scholarly Resources

Some independent scholars are employed full-time, others part-time, while some are freelancers or unemployed. However, all have challenges with gaining Read more …

Hellen Cullyer

Blog: A Day in the Life of a Classicist

A Day in the Life of a Classicist is a monthly column on the SCS blog written by Prof. Ayelet Haimson Lushkov celebrating the working lives of classicists. If you’d like to share your day, let us know here.

Hellen Cullyer is Executive Director of SCS.

There are days when I am traveling, days when I spend hours in front of my computer because of a looming deadline, and days when I am on the phone / email / Skype most of the day dealing with a crisis. However, a typical day is something like the following on Monday-Thursday. Friday is different, as I explain below. On the average Monday-Thursday, I wake up early and have a quick breakfast before running out of the house to get my train. My work day starts as soon as I sit down on the train. I look at the to-do list that I have written the night Read more …

Blog: Continuity and Change: A Perspective from the SCS Office

As the sesquicentennial of the Society approaches in 2019, the SCS Board of Directors is looking both back and forward as the Society makes plans to celebrate the past achievements of our organization and chart a course for the next 150 years. However, since I took over from Adam Blistein this summer and new staff have come on board, a slew of urgent tasks has afforded little time for reflection until quite recently. Now that SCS staff are comfortably settled at 20 Cooper Sq. on the campus of New York University, and we have accustomed ourselves to the rhythm of daily business, Erik Shell, Jim Harvey, and I have begun to reflect on the past and the future of the organization. We have discovered gems, some humorous and some serious, in the run of APA Newsletters that we inherited from the Penn Office. You may have seen some of those posted recently on Twitter (@scsclassics). We have been dipping into the early history of the APA written Read more …