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"Joe Farrell," Ann de Forest, unpublished

Blog: A Day in the Life of a Classicist

A Day in the Life of a Classicist is a monthly column on the SCS blog written by Prof. Ayelet Haimson Lushkov celebrating the working lives of classicists. If you’d like to share your day, let us know here.

Joe Farrell is the president of the SCS, and Professor of Classical Studies at Penn.

My schedule changes a lot from day to day, term to term, and year to year. If I had to say what ties most of my work together, it would be writing. I don’t mean just things I want to publish. Writing is central to all facets of my work. I’m constantly writing course proposals, syllabi, comments on student papers, article submissions, promotion dossiers, memos, agenda for meetings, and so on. So, In general, when I’m not in class or in a meeting Read more …