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A crowded scene of a Roman triumph featuring soldiers, onlookers, and spoils. In the background are trees and a Roman building.

Blog: How to Conference Again: A Conversation with Kate Stevens

Erika Sakaguchi, Kate Stevens |
A hand-drawn map on yellowed parchment with drawings of buildings and an aqueduct. In the center, a togaed man sits on a throne with a spear in his right hand and a halo behind him, indicating his sainthood. Red text behind his head reads ANTIOCHIA.

Blog: Power to Punish and Authority to Forgive: Imperial State and Imprisonment in 4th-Century Antioch

Alberto De Simoni |
A section of a painted fresco showing a woman with auburn hair tied into a low bun. She wears a laurel crown and a turquoise toga over one shoulder, and she looks down to her right.

Dissertation Spotlight: A New History of Roman Emotion

Jennifer Devereaux |

Blog: Funding Opportunities for Students and Teachers of Classics, Ancient History, Art History, and Archaeology

Bill Beck |
Façade of the Celsus library, in Ephesus, near Selçuk, west Turkey. Benh Lieu Song (Image via Wikimedia under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 License).

Blog: Being an Independent Scholar in Classics: Challenges and Reflections

Helen Cullyer |