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Join us for the 3rd Annual Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities Virtual Meeting on Friday, March 17 from 2-3pm EST via zoom.

The meeting is an opportunity for the public to learn about the AnWoMoCo initiative and the numerous projects it has been funding. During the meeting SCS Public Engagement Coordinator, Nina Papathanasopoulou, will provide a brief overview of the initiative while select AnWoMoCo awardees will give brief presentations of their projects.

You can register using this form.

Full Schedule of Short Presentations:

College, School, and Public Programming

  1. Stoic Tragedy and the Sources of Human Ethics – Student-led Performances and Public Discussions at UNC – Chapel Hill

Michael Vazquez

  1. Covington Classical Academy’s Classics Camp

Kelly Kusch

  1. Classical Archaeology After School – A program for Middle and High School Students

Grace Erny and Eva Prionas

  1. All STEM Leads to Rome – A program on Roman Architecture and Technology for young students in the Baton Rouge community in LA

Marwan Mikdadi

  1. The Marsal Collections: Integrating Andalusian Rural Communities in an Archaeological Scientific Project in Spain

Ivan González Tobar and Juan Moros Díaz

  1. Ancient Medicine for Modern Times: Engaging with Plants and Learning from Women

Maria Christodoulou

  1. Expanding the Ancient World in New York and Beyond: A program by ISAW

Mariana Castro and Braden Cordivari

Visual and Performing Arts Projects

  1. Empire of Venus – A Theatrical Play based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Aislinn Melchior

  1. A Teenager Medea

Yoandy Cabrera Ortega

  1. Hymns: A video-series based on the Homeric Hymns

Mat Sweeney

  1. The Laodamiad: A Virtual Performance

Chas LiBretto

  1. “This is my native land: Black Classics in Texas” – An exhibition on 19th and 20th cent. Black Classicists in Texas

Ayelet Lushkov

  1. Phaethon – A film based on fragments from Euripides

Hallie Marshall

  1. A performance of the Bacchae

Jason Landon Marcus

  1. Seneca’s Medea: a short film adaptation

Angela Hurley

Virtual Projects

  1. The Ozymandias Project – Archaeogaming Work

Dan Maday

  1. SASA’s Reading Groups

Lauren Kubosch and John Haberstroh

  1. All About the Ancient World: An Online Video Lecture Series

Emily Prosch

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