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Anne Carson’s Euripides: Six Takes on The Trojan Women (2021) and H of H (2021)

When: 11am-1pm CDT, Friday, April 29th, 2022

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

An online event organized by Laura Jansen (Bristol), Sarah Nooter (Chicago) and Mario Telò (Berkeley)

Following her innovative translations of Euripides in Grief Lessons (2006) and her creative play with book form in Nox (2010) and Float (2016), Anne Carson’s recent dialogue with Euripides is amongst her boldest. The Trojan Women (2021), a graphic ‘comics poem’, and H of H (2021), an ‘explosion of thought’ in the shape of a playbook with illustrations and notes are a feast to the imagination for readers of Euripides and Carson. This event will present six takes on the two works by poets, artists, and scholars. We aim to consider the books in relation to matters of tragedy and materiality, hybrid translation practices, the forms of the book, chimeric approaches to art, and myth and justice. The event will include a table discussion, together with an appreciation of the contribution that Anne Carson has made to the reception of Euripides in textual and visual form.

Participants : Phoebe Giannisi (Athens), Laura Jansen (Bristol), Rebecca Kosick (Bristol), Sarah Nooter (Chicago), Patrice Rankine (Chicago), Ian Rae (Western Ontario), Mario Telò (Berkeley)

You can find more information and also register here:

"Empty Theatre (almost)"by Kevin Jaako, licensed under CC BY 2.0