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Awards and Fellowships: Spring 2021

We congratulate the following award and fellowship winners for 2021:

Frank M. Snowden Scholarships

  • Cayle Diefenbach
  • Maia Lee-Chin
  • Niles Marthone
  • Luis Rodriguez Perez
  • Coffin Fellowship
  • Robert Amstutz

Pearson Fellowship

  • Uwade Akhere

TLL Fellowship

  • Adam Trettel

Ancient Worlds, Modern Communities Awards (formerly Classics Everywhere)

  • New Atlantis: A Journey into the Classicism of W.E.B. Du Bois – Pennsylvania

Divya Nair

  • Classics as Pedagogical Tool: An Interactive/Multimedia E-Book – online

Marcus Bell and Nancy Rabinowitz

  • A Musical Adaptation of The Bacchae – online

J. Landon Marcus

  • All BAME Medea: A Short Film – U.K.

Shivaike Shah

  • The Ozymandias Project: A New Podcast – Illinois, online

Lexie Henning

  • The Laodamiad at the Center for Hellenic Studies – Washington, DC, online

Chas LiBretto

  • Society for Ancient Medicine Blog Series: “The Best Doctor is also a Historian” – online

Colin Webster

  • A Poem and a Mistake (a virtual performance inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses) – NY, NJ, VT, online

Sarah Baskin

  • The Trojan Women Project (a virtual performance/video) – California, online

Michael Morgan

  • Greek Tragedy / Masterclasses on Film – U.K., online

Paul O’Mahony

  • Educating Philosophy through Classics – India

Apoorwa Sinha

  • Neropolis: A New Podcast – Massachusetts, online

Virginia Closs