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The Anthony Fauci Award in STEM and Classics
The Classical Association of the Middle West and South is pleased to announce the Anthony Fauci Award in STEM and Classics. This $500 annual award recognizes an undergraduate student who demonstrates outstanding work in both Classics and a STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Dr. Fauci graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 1962 with a rigorous degree that required both pre-medical and advanced Latin and Greek courses.
Undergraduates who are currently enrolled with Junior or Senior standing at universities and colleges in the USA and Canada may apply. The applicant must be a major in Classics or a STEM discipline and must have significant course work in the other field (e.g., a Classics major must demonstrate significant coursework in a STEM discipline such as Chemistry; or a Physics major must demonstrate significant coursework in Classics). Courses in Greek and Roman civilizations are certainly acceptable, but the strongest candidates will have demonstrated work in Greek and/or Latin.
The applicant must submit a 500-word essay on the topic of “How is your experience in Classics enhanced by studying a STEM subject and/or vice versa?” along with a current transcript (an unofficial copy will suffice) for all relevant undergraduate work, and one letter of recommendation from either a Classics or STEM professor. The annual deadline for receipt of applications is January 30. The recipient of the award will be announced at the annual CAMWS meeting. This award is administered by the CAMWS Subcommittee on the Fauci Award, whose chair can be reached at For more information and to apply, visit
The Fauci Award is not an endowed award but relies on donations. We hope to be able to award two awards each year, but in order to do so we must accrue a significant fund from which to draw. Donations of any amount will help ensure the continued viability of the award. To donate, navigate to this page and select “Fauci Award Fund” from the dropdown menu. Thank you for helping secure the future of our field and please mention the award to your students.