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Freedom in Ancient Greek History, Literature, and Philosophy (CFP)

The Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies at the University of South Florida, May 5th, 2023 — May 7th, 2023 

This interdisciplinary conference will explore the scope and role of freedom in ancient Greek society and culture, as well as discussions of related topics in ancient Greek political, ethical, psychological, and metaphysical theories.

We welcome papers addressing issues such as the following: 

  • Freedom of speech and the right to protest in ancient Greece. 
  • The scope of individual autonomy in ancient Greek society. 
  • The nature and value of freedom in ancient Greek literature and philosophy.
  • The role of freedom in human flourishing, according to Greek ethical and political theories. 
  • Ancient Greek philosophers on freedom and determinism. 

Keynote speaker: Arlene Saxonhouse (University of Michigan)

Please send an anonymized abstract of 200-250 words to by January 1, 2023. 

Presentations of accepted papers are expected to be approximately 30 minutes long (20 minutes for the paper itself, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A). The conference is planned to be held in person, on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa.

For further information, please visit our conference webpage:

This event is hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies and the Department of Philosophy, University of South Florida.

Call for Papers