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From the SCS Leadership

Please see below a message from the SCS President, followed by a listing of 2020 graduates:

With in-person celebrations ruled out by the coronavirus pandemic, the Society for Classical Studies is proud to recognize the many graduates at all levels across North America who have chosen to make serious and sustained study of the ancient Mediterranean world a significant part of their education.  For those who are earning PhD’s, we welcome the new contributions to knowledge that each of you has made, and we pledge our support and guidance as you negotiate an even more challenging professional landscape than you signed up for.  We warmly salute all degree-recipients who are pursuing careers in the vital enterprise of K-12 education.  For those who are going in other directions, we take great satisfaction in the variety of paths you will be following.  We hope the classical world will remain an important part of your lives, and we invite you to visit our website, read our blog, and join the SCS as “Friends of Classics.”  And we count on you as lifelong advocates for the value of studying Greco-Roman and ancient Mediterranean history and culture: please take every opportunity to spread the word that the ancient world still presents us with new questions to investigate and with multiple points of reference for thinking through our present-day concerns.  Heartfelt congratulations to all!

Sheila H. Murnaghan, SCS President


FIRST EDITION, May 28, 2020

We will be adding to this list through June 2020. Department chairs and administrators can email their lists of graduates to or contribute to the Google doc for data collection if they already have access to it. We recommend seeking consent from graduates before listing them.

Click on the links below to view graduates from each institution listed:

Agnes Scott College

Augustana College

Bard College

Boston College

Brooklyn College - CUNY

Bryn Mawr College

Butler University

Catholic University

Colorado College

Cornell College

Cornell University

CUNY Graduate Center

Davidson College

Denison University

Dickinson College

Duke University

Fordham University

Georgetown University

George Washington University

Gettysburg College

Grand Valley State University

Grinnell College

Hamilton College

Hampden-Sydney College

Harvard University

Haverford College

Howard University

Indiana University

Kent State University

Marshall University

Middlebury College

Millsaps College

Monmouth College

New York University - Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

Oberlin College

Ohio University

Pennsylvania State University

Princeton University

Reed College

Rhodes College

Rice University

St. Olaf College

San Francisco State University

Seattle Pacific University

Skidmore College

Temple University

Trinity College

Tufts University

University of Arizona

University of British Columbia

University of California, Berkeley

University of Chicago

University of Cincinnati

University of Colorado, Boulder

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

University of Iowa

University of Kansas

University of Kentucky

University of Maryland, College Park

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

University of Michigan

University of Mississippi

University of Missouri, Columbia

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

University of Notre Dame

University of Oklahoma

University of Pennsylvania

University of Southern California

University of Toronto

University of Vermont

University of Virginia

University of Washington

University of Winnipeg

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Valparaiso University

Virginia Wesleyan University

Wabash College

Wake Forest University

Washington & Lee University

Washington University in St. Louis

Yale University

Agnes Scott College

Abigail Breuker, B.A., Classical Literature and Philosophy (double major)

Erin Briggs, B.A., Classical Literature (major)

Esha Clements, B.A., Classical Civilization (major), International Relations (minor)

Sophia Elzie, B.A., Classical Literature (major)

Indiana Ravenhill, B.A., Classical Civilization and History (double major)

Rafia Taufiq, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Augustana College

Samantha Flipp, B.A.,Theatre Arts (major), Classical Studies: Greek (minor)

Mia Lambert, B.A., Classical Studies: Latin and Pre-Medicine (double major), Biochemistry (minor)

Sarah Litwin, B.A., Classics, Biochemistry, and Chemistry (triple major), Physics (minor)

Andrew Morgan, B.A., Classics, Philosophy, and Political Science (triple major)

Brenna Parson, B.A., Creative Writing (major), Classical Studies: Greek and Spanish (double minor)

Cassidy Potter, B.A., Biology and Psychology (double major), Classical Studies: Latin (minor)

Mark Sharp, B.A., Classics, Biochemistry, and Physics (triple major)

Jamie Suiter, B.A., Classical Studies: Latin and Biology (double major), Accounting (minor)

Bard College

Anna Falvey, B.A., Classics major (joint with Written Arts)

Aleksandr (Sasha) Fechin, B.A., Classics major (joint with Computer Science)

Rachel Hodes, B.A., Classics major

Kaitlin Karmen, B.A., Classics major

Boston College

Taylor McKinnon, M.A., Classics

Cecelia Lahiff, M.A., Latin

Isabel Brandenberger, B.A., Classics (major)

Sterling Etheridge, B.A., Classics (major)

Rory McIntyre, B.A., Classics (major)

Andrew Murphy, B.A., Classics (major)

Emma Waldron, B.A., Classics (major)

Ethan Yates, B.A., Classics (major)

Margherita Bassi, Ancient Civilization (minor)

Emma Campbell, Ancient Civilization (minor)

Joshua Holtz, Ancient Civilization (minor)

Declan Kelly, Ancient Civilization (minor)

Olivia Nelson, Ancient Civilization (minor)

Nimrita Singh, Ancient Civilization (minor)

Brooklyn College - CUNY

Elijah Short, B.A., Classics (major)

Kestia Felix, B.A., Classics (major)

Carly Zerbe, B.A., Classics (major)

Robert Bodo, Classics (minor)

Kristina Fernandes, Classics (minor)

Vanessa Jenkins, Classics (minor)

Niles Marthone, Classics (minor)

Grace Pare, Classics (minor)

Daniel Sabo, Classics (minor)

Angel Velasquez, Classics (minor)

Bryn Mawr College

Gwynne Dulaney, A.B., Classical Culture & Society (major)

Leah Packard Grams, A.B., Classical Languages (major)

Taylor McClain, A.B., Classical Culture & Society (major)

Alexandra Tucker, A.B., Classical Languages (major)

Collin Hilton, Ph.D., Greek, Latin, & Classical Studies: “Plutarch Reading Plato: Interpretation and Mythmaking in the Early Empire”

Butler University

Jenna Nosek, B.A., Classics: Ancient Languages and Biology (double major)

Peggy Morgan, B.A., Classics: Greek & Roman Cultures and Psychology (double major)

Gracie Munore, B.A., Classics: Greek & Roman Cultures and Political Science (double major)

Madison Linkmeyer, B.A., Classics: Greek & Roman Cultures and Criminology (double major)

Taylor Hall-Gray, B.S., Biology (major), Classics (minor)

Jake Small, B.A., Anthropology (major), Classics (minor)

Molly Rumble, B.A., Dance (major), Classics (minor)

Kristen Odorico, B.A., Elementary Education (major), Classics (minor)

Catholic University

Justin Damask, Ph.B., Philosophy (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Bridget M. Bagileo, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Megan C. Brizzell, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Patrick C. Pallisco, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Brannon Smith, Ph.D., Government and Politics, post-baccalaureate certificate, Latin

Paul D. Calvin, M.A., Greek and Latin

Karen L. Carducci, Ph.D., Greek and Latin: “Lithic Animacy and Agency: Imagining Minerals in the Roman World”

Luigi M. De Luca, Ph.D., Greek and Latin: “The Quest for Health in the Writings of Basil of Caesarea: Botany, Pharmacology and Nutrition”

Colorado College

Walter Brose, B.A., Classics and Physics (double major)

Olivia Calvi, B.A., Classics and Religion (double major)

Emma Carlson, B.A., Classics and Molecular Biology (double major)

Peter Chapman, B.A., Classics (major)

Helen Donovan, B.A., Classics (major)

James Franklin, B.A., Classics (major)

Ebba Green, B.A., Classics and Physics (double major)

Emerald Green, B.A., Classics and Organismal Biology and Ecology (double major)

Harley Guzman, B.A., Sociology (major), Ancient world (minor)

Magdalena Horowitz, B.A., Classics and Computer Science (double major)

Madeline Olson, B.A., Classics and Neuroscience (double major)

Kurt Ringwalt, B.A., Biochemistry (major), Classics (minor)

Ian O’Shaughnessy, B.A., Classics-History-Politics (major)

Anthony Rodriguez, B.A., Classics (major)

Kathryn Kenny, B.A., Political Science (major), Ancient World (minor)

Ally Kuhn, B.A., Independently Designed Major, Ancient World (minor)

Cornell College

Ryan Belle, B.A., Classical Studies (major), Music (major), Applied Statistics (minor), Art History (minor)

Anns-Marie Purcell, B.A., Studio Art (major), Classical Studies (Major)

Cornell University

Javier Agredo, B.A., Classics and Linguistics (double major)
Jenna Anne Doyno, B.A., Classics and Archaeology (double major), Near Eastern Studies and Anthropology (minors)
Mikaela Jacklyn Hamilton, B.A., Classics and Archaeology (double major) Anthropology (minor)
Haoran Jiang, B.A., Classics and Biological Sciences (double major)
Vivian (Yijie) Jin, B.A., Classics and Philosophy (double major)
Angaelica Purdy LaPasta. B.A., Classics and Archaeology (double major) Anthropology (minor)
Francesca Forester LaPasta, B.A., Classics (major) History of Art (minor)
Yash Anil Patel, B.A., Classics and Biological Sciences (double major)
Carlton Stevenson Jr, B.A., Economics (major) Classics, Business, and History of Art (minors)
Koonj Vekaria, B.A., Classics, Economics, and Mathematics (triple major)

Jennifer Carrington, Ph.D., Classics: Striking Similarity: Pottery Features and Their Relations in Ptolemaic Egypt

CUNY Graduate Center

Emyr Dakin, Ph.D., Classics: “Political Culture in the Cities of the Northern Black Sea Region in the ‘Long Hellenistic Age’”

Davidson College

Jillian Farrell, B.A., Classical Studies and English (double major)

Catherine Johnson, B.S., Mathematics and Classical Languages and Literature (double major)

Matthew Sickinger, B.A., Classical Studies and Economics (double major)

Denison University

Imani Congdon, B.A., Classical Studies and English (Writing) (double major)

Caroline Ingalls, B.A., Psychology, Communication, and Classical Studies (triple major)

Aleksander Lavric, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Quinlan Mann, B.A., History and Classical Studies (double major)

Mishti Mitra, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

David Rivas, B.A., Cinema and Classical Studies (double major)

Julia Wainwright, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Colin Cramer, minor in Latin

Tasha DeYoung, minor in Greek

Alexis Grimm, minor in Classical Studies

Erin O’Connor, minor in Classical Studies

Karan Sethna, minor in Classical Studies

Helen Thornton, minor in Classical Studies

Dickinson College

Beth Eidam, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Drew Kaplan, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Sophia Miretskij, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Duke University

Thomas Cole, Ph.D., Classical Studies: Beyond Republicanism: Political Thought in Tacitus’ Minor Works

Laura Winters, Ph.D., Classical Studies: Schools of Greek Mathematical Practice

Allyn Belusko, B.A., Classical Civilization (major), Philosophy (minor)

Melisa Castillo, B.A., Classical Civilization and History (double major), English (minor)

Brad Foster, B.A. and B.S.E., Classical Civilization and Biomedical Engineering (double major)

Alexander Heap, B.A., Classical Civilization and Political Science (double major), Medieval and Renaissance Studies (minor)

Margaret Humphrey, B.A., Classical Civilization (major), Art History (minor)

Zachary Markovich, B.A. and B.S., Classical Civilization and Chemistry (double major), History (minor)

Katherine Owensby, B.A., Classical Languages and Linguistics (double major), Philosophy (minor)

Sean Rafique, B.A., Classical Languages (major), Classical Civilization and Cultural Anthropology (double minor)

Gretchen Wright, B.A., Classical Civilization and English (double major) and Latin (minor)

Joshua Young, B.A. and B.S., Classical Languages and Computer Science (double major)

Jennifer Chin, B.A. and B.S., Computer Science (major), Latin (minor)

Caroline del Real, B.A. and B.S., Biology (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Azim Dharani, B.A. and B.S., Chemistry (major), Classical Archaeology and Computational Biology (double minor)

Hannah Humayun, B.A., Psychology (major), Classical Civilization and Education (double minor) and Psychology

Kenneth Koplove, B.A., History (major), Classical Civilization and Religion (double minor)

Nikhil Ravi, B.A. and B.S., Computer Science (major), Classical Civilization and Mathematics (double minor)

Nikhil Sridhar, B.A., Political Science (major), Classical Civilization and Economics (double minor)

Fordham University

Patrick Charles, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Marty Gatto, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Anastasia Gomez, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Trung Nguyen, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Joshua Anthony, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Matthew Brewer, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Kerry Shields, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Rebecca Slaman, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Joseph Odegaard, B.A., Classical Languages (minor)

Eleanor Vaughan, B.A., Classical Languages (minor)

Ruisen Zheng, B.A., Classical Languages (minor)

Madeline Albanese, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Weija Chen, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Vivian Davidson, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Stephen Howard, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Paul Picciotti, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Georgetown University

Timothy Childers, B.A., in Classical Studies, Economics (double major)

Elizabeth Cresson, B.A., Classical Studies, Economics (double major)

Michael J DeFelice, B.A., Classical Languages, Philosophy (double major)

Ayla Rosenfeld DeConti, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Frances K. Dewey, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Emily Barbara Jonsson, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Fiona M. Kennedy, B.A., Classical Studies, English (double major)

Ciara E. O'Neill, B.A., Classical Languages, Government (double major)

Daniel Atticus O'Sullivan, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Christopher Warren, B.A., Classical Studies, Theater & Performing Arts (double major)

Katherine Wittpenn, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Genevieve Elise Pennanen, B.A., Classical Studies, Linguistics (double major)

John P. Cipollone, B.A., Computer Science (major), Classics (minor)

Grant A. Draper, B.A., Economics (major), Classics (minor)

Beatrice Giuli, B.S., Business Administration: Finance and International Business Regional Studies (double major), Classics and Art History (double minor)

Jake Loughborough, B.S., Business Administration: Finance (major), Classics and Economics (double minor)

Joshua Seth Geracht Myers, B.A., Linguistics (major), Classics (minor)

Aidan Poling, BA Government, History (double major), Classics (minor)

George Washington University

Hunter Bruce, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Sophia Carroll, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Ronni Farid, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Daniel Israelsson, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

S. J. Matthews, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Leah Robertson, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Gettysburg College

Abigail Ann Coakley, B.A., Anthropology and Art History (double major), Classical Studies and

Public History (minors)

Adam Michael Dias, B.A., Anthropology (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Rebekah Lee Grimes, B.A., History (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Allison Constance Hermann, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

William Talbot Thompson, B.A., Anthropology and History (double major), Classical Studies (minor)

Grand Valley State University

Allyson Albrecht, B.A., Classics and Theatre (double major)

William Clark, B.A., Classics (major)

Kristin Groendyk, B.A., Classics (major)

Kyle Holcomb, B.A., Classics and History (double major)

Jenna Weatherwax, B.A., Classics (major)

Grinnell College

Henry Asher Gray, B.A. in Classics and Economics (double major)

Fengming Li, B.A. in Physics and Classics (double major)

Nana Okamoto, B.A. in Sociology and Classics (double major)

Matthew J. Phipps, B.A. in Classics (major)

Hamilton College

Tyler A Boudreau, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Allyson R. D’Antonio, B.A., Classical Studies and History (double major)

Samuel C. Greene, B.A., Classical Languages and Philosophy (double major)

Alexandra M. Ham, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Christina S. Naston, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Catharine S. Pierce, B.A., Classical Languages and Psycho-linguistics (double major)

Stefanie Chin, B.A., Creative Writing (major), minor in Classical Studies

Alexander M. Fergusson, B.A., World Politics (major), minor in Classical Studies

Taylor J. Fletcher, B.A., Math (major), minor in Classical Studies

William J. Gaskill, B.A., History (major), minor in Classical Studies

Theodore Golden, B.A., Art (major), minor in Classical Studies

Tucker B. Ward, B.A., Computer Science (major), minor in Classical Studies

Hampden-Sydney College

Zachary Edward Berry, B. A., Greek and Latin (major), College Honors, summa cum laude

Wade Alexander Bredin, B.A., Greek (major), College Honors, cum laude

Alexander Blake Jaramillo, B.A., Classical Studies and Psychology (double major)

Tyler Douglas Jones, B. A., Latin (major), cum laude

Thomas McGregor Rolf, B.A., Greek (major) , minors in Latin and Music, summa cum laude

Garnet Sinclair Crocker, B.S., Applied Mathematics and History (major), Classical Studies and Latin (double minor), College Honors, Second Honor (Salutatorian), summa cum laude

Nathan James McVey, B.A., Foreign Affairs (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Zachary Edward Toney, B.A., Philosophy (major), Classical Studies and Rhetoric (double minor)

David Madison Williams, B.A., Mathematical Economics (major), Classical Studies and German (double minor), distinction in Economics

Harvard University

Sasha Barish, A.B., Classics and Linguistics (joint concentration)

Lydia Cawley, A.B., Classics and Near Eastern Languages and Literatures (joint concentration)

Massimo Cè, Ph.D., Classical Philology, “From ‘mēnis’ to ‘ira’: Ancient Translators of Homer”

Christopher Colby, B.A., Classics and Music (joint concentration)

Julie Effron, A.B., Classics (concentration)

Caroline Engelmayer, A.B., Classics (concentration)

Eliza Gettel, Ph.D., Ancient History, “Between Federation and Empire: The koina of the imperial Greek mainland, 1st to 3rd century CE”

Samantha Hand, A.B., Classics (concentration)

David Hansen, Ph.D., Modern Greek, “Visions of Statesmanship: A Statesman's Imagination and Autonomy”

Alex Hively, A.B., Classics (concentration)

Micah Johnson-Levy, A.B., Classics and Folklore & Mythology (joint concentration)

Sheridan Marsh, A.B., Classics (concentration)

Keating McKeon, Ph.D., Classical Philology, “Despotic Nostalgias: Classical Athens and the Autocratic Return”

Samuel Puopolo, A.B., Classics (concentration)

Alejandro Quintana, A.B., Classics (concentration)

Ben Roy, A.B., Classics (concentration)

James Taylor, Ph.D., Classical Philology,“Plumbing the Depths: Geological Processes, Deep Time, and the Shaping of Landscapes in Classical Literature”

Liam Warner, A.B., Classics (concentration)

Ellis Yeo, A.B.., Classics and English (joint concentration)

James Zainaldin, Ph.D., Classical Philosophy, “Roman ‘Technē’: The Growth and Structure of the Artes in the Early Roman Empire”

Haverford College

Claire Blood-Cheney, B.A., Classical Culture & Society (major)

Katherine Bradley, B.A., Classical Culture & Society (major)

John Burgess, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Oliver Hughes, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Hope Johnson, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Howard University

Cyerra Haywood, B.A., Interdisciplinary Humanities: Ancient and Modern (major)

Aiesha Muhammad, B.A., Latin (minor)

Teriana Jaslin Pride, B.A., Latin (minor)

Indiana University

Abigail Gornto, B.A., Anthropology and Classical Civilization: Art and Archaeology (double major)

Jessica McPherson, B.A., History and Classical Studies: Latin/Greek (double major)

Cameron Rachford, B.A., History and Classical Civilization: Art and Archaeology (double major)

Abigail Relue, B.A., Classical Civilization: Art and Archaeology (major)

Cecilia Taylor, B.S., Biology and B.A., Classical Civilization: Art and Archaeology (double degree)

Matthew Rodney, M.A.T., Classical Studies Latin

Abigail Pullen, M.A.T., Classical Studies Latin

Grace Anthony, M.A., Classical Studies Greek

Zoe Barnett, M.A.T., Classical Studies Latin



Kent State University

Miranda Beaujon, B.A., Classics: Classical Civilization (major)

Kelly Heikkila, B.A., Classics: Religion Studies (major)

Marshall University

Lauren Stewart, B.A., Latin and Classics (major)

Middlebury College

Magnus Cleveland, B.A., Classics (major)

Alexandra Cook, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Lucy Grinnan, B.A., Classics (major)

Julia Richards, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Angus Warren, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Millsaps College

Cailey Ness, B.A., Greek and Roman Studies (major)

Monmouth College

Kasha Appleton, B.A., Classics and History (double major)

Aaron Kimzey, B.A., Classics (major)

River Laing, B.A., Classics and Communication Studies (double major)

Matthew Polasik, B.A., Classics (major)

Cassy Powers, B.A.,Classics and Psychology (double major)

Emili Smucker, B.A., Classics (major)

New York University - Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

Andrea Trameri, Ph.D., “The Land of the Kizzuwatna: History of Cilicia in the Second Millennium BCE until the Hittite Conquest (ca. 2000-1350)”


Oberlin College

Jacqueline Brant, B.A., Philosophy and Law & Society (double major), Latin and Politics (double minor)

Samantha Clanton, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major), English (minor)

Julia Deen, B.A., Greek and Comparative Literature (double major)

Rayna Forman, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major), Mathematics (minor)

Justin Godfrey, B.A., Classical Civilizations and History (double major)

Madelyn Henke, B.A., Latin (Major), Creative Writing (Minor)

Julian Hirsch, B.A., Classical Civilizations and Archaeological Studies (major), Anthropology (minor)

John Kenslea, B.A., Latin (major) and Politics (honors major)

Hannah Long, B.A., Latin, English and Creative Writing (triple major)

Lucy Parr, B.A., Latin (major), Greek (minor)

Polyxeni Trikoulis, B.A., Greek and Creative Writing (double major)

Kelley Zhong, B.A., Economics (major), Latin (minor)

Ohio University

Mason Barnett, B.A., Anthropology (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Cody Brewer, B.S., Media Arts and Studies (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Micaela Eberhard, B.A., Classics(major)

Jack Forschner, B.S., Media Arts and Studies (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Liz Kimson, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

William Koppelkom, B.S., Actuarial Sciences (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Falkyn Roth, B.A., History (major), Latin (minor)

Antonio Serrano, B.A., Sociology (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Alyssa Skikus, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Jarus Wilson, B.S., Biological Sciences (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Pennsylvania State University

Mitchell Andre, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Philosophy (double major)

Michael Flaig, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Anthropology (double major), History (minor)

John Logan, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and International Relations (double major)

Kaitlin Lovejoy, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Anthropology (double major), Spanish (minor)

Megan Lucci, Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies (major), Latin & Medieval Studies (minor)

Benjamin Mitchell, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Art History (double major)

Dana Pirrotta, B.A. Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Political Science (double major)

Alison Ruman, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies, German, and Political Science (triple major), History, Global & International Studies (minor)

Anna Shamory, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and B.S., Archaeological Science (double major), French & Francophone Studies (minor)

Charissa Skoutelas, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and B.S., Global & International Relations (double major), Geography, Greek, Religious Studies (minors)

Robert Szcztoka, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and History (double major), Anthropology (minor)

Olivia Torres, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies, English, History, and Spanish (quadruple major), Global & International Studies (minor)

Curtis Wilhelm, B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies and B.S., Engineering Business & Finance (double major), Energy Engineering (minor)

Princeton University

Alexander Deters, B.A., Classics: Classical Studies (major)
Rachel Edelson, B.A., Classics (major)

Christopher Howard, B.A., Classics: Classical Studies (major)
Jaylin Lugardo, B.A., Classics: Classical Studies (major)

Andre Mendoza, B.A, Classics: Classical Studies (major)

Hannah Semmelhack, B.A., Classics: Classical Studies (major)

Leina Thurn, B.A., Classics: Ancient History (major)

Kirsten Traudt, B.A., Classics (major)

Jeff Zymeri, B.A., Classics: Classical Studies (major)

Kay Gabriel, Ph.D., Classics: “Euripides, Moderniste: Tragic Adaptation and Avant-Garde Classicism in the Twentieth Century”

Teddy Fassberg, Ph.D., Classics: “Preface to Herodotus: The Prehistory of Prose in the Archaic Age”

Emily Laura Master, Ph.D., Classics: “The ‘Leges Iuliae’: Augustus, the Law, and the New Order”

Xiaoxi Zhang, Ph.D., Classics: “Cicero’s Marital Strategies: Some Case Studies”

Tyler Archer, M.A., Classics

Reed College

Hayley Curtis, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin (major)

Liam Dulany, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin (major)

Duncan Feiges, B.A., Classics: History and Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean (major)

Wenqian Liu, B.A., Classics: History and Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean (major)

Alex Poston, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin (major)

Yesim Yilmaz, B.A. Classics: History and Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean (major)

Rhodes College

Bailey Cook, B.A., Greek and Roman Studies (major)

Nick Kokoropoulos, B.A., Greek and Roman Studies (major)

Sam Naids, B.A., Greek and Roman Studies (major)

Rhiannon Rainey, B.A., Greek and Roman Studies (major)

Rice University

Anna Kulma, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Ryan Vu, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

St. Olaf College

JuliAnne Rach, B.A., Classics (major)

Ella Gruel, B.A., Classics (major)

Wynn Martin, B.A., Latin and Medieval Studies (double major)

Juliana Dokas, B.A., Medieval Studies (major)

Jordan Weaver, B.A., Medieval Studies (major)

Benjamin Arndt, B.A., Ancient Studies (major)

John Coleman, B.A., Ancient Studies (major)

Clara Gambill, B.A., Ancient Studies (major)

Penelope Lancrete, B.A., Ancient Studies (major)

Gabrielle Lattery, B.A., Ancient Studies (major)

San Francisco State University

Kieran Barkley, M.A., Classics

Mark Bodenchak, M.A., Classics

Luke Loper, M.A., Classics

Kathleen Narayan, M.A., Classics

Madeline Bisbee, B.A., Classics (major)

Elizelle Galang, B.A., Classics (major)

Cassandra Irizarry, B.A., Classics (major)

Natalia Malheiros de Carvalho Monteiro, B.A., Classics (major)

Victoria Mandt, B.A.Classics (major)

Therese McKenna, B.A., Classics (major) 

Alberto Pimentel, B.A., Classics (major)

Jacqueline Villalpando, B.A., Classics (major)

Jacqueline Villalpando, B.A., Classics (major)

Jasmine Afshar, B.A., Classics (minor)

Katherine Atkins, B.A., Classics (minor)

Cristina Bracamontes, B.A., Classics (minor)

Sean Crouch, B.A., Classics (minor)

Ankita Francis, B.A., Classics (minor)

Camille Franco, B.A., Classics (minor)

Danny Gomez, B.A., Classics (minor)

Otto Hottendorf, B.A., Classics (minor)

Lydia Jen, B.A., Classics (minor)

Chloe Lete, B.A., Classics (minor)

Samantha Mac, B.A., Classics (minor)

Logan Maples, B.A., Classics (minor)

Cynthia Martinez, B.A., Classics (minor)

Connie Merer, B.A., Classics (minor)

Kristin Mooney, B.A., Classics (minor)

India Nemer, B.A., Classics (minor)

Gabriella Maria Simon, B.A., Classics (minor)

Seattle Pacific University

Anna Rosko, B.A., Classics (Language Emphasis) and History (double major)

Skidmore College

Yuelin (Alex) Guo, B.A., Classics and Political Science (double major)

Em Miller, B.S. and B.A., Art (major), Classics (minor)

Zoe Ousouljoglou, B.A., Classics and History (double major)

Reagan Reed, B.A., Classics and Biology (double major), Honors Forum (minor)

Hannah Sacks, B.A., Classics and English (double major)

Emily Schwartz, B.A., Classics (major), Anthropology (minor)

Sarah Smith, B.A., Classics (major), Anthropology (minor)

Juliette Taylor, B.A. and B.S., Classics (major), English and Art (double minor)

Megan White, B.A., English (major), Classics and History (double minor)

Temple University

Taryn Atmore, B.A., Classical Languages and Literatures (major)

Connor Balog, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Morris Ellis, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Eleanor Grundberg, B.A., Classical Languages and Literatures (major)

Gwen Weiskopf, B.A., Classical Languages and Literatures (major)

Jacob Collins, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Hanna Holland, B.A., Classical Languages and Literatures (major)

Alejandro Ocasio, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Trinity College

Eric O. Carnes, B.A., Classical Studies and Religious Studies (double major)

Whitney O. Hall, B.A., Classical Studies and Religious Studies (double major)

Petrea T. Mannello, B.A., Classical Studies and Anthropology (double major)

Kristen R. Morissette, B.A., Classical Studies and American Studies (double major)

Jessica R. Weiss, B.A., Classical Studies and Political Science (double major)

Nikki S. Andersen, B.A., Chemistry (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Jada V. Brooks, B.A., Urban Studies (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Ansel U. Burn, B.A., Anthropology, (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Kristina K. Cartwright, B.A., Economics (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Max S. Cottrell, B.A., Political Science (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Eleanna S. Davos, B.A., Psychology (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Ben M. Gambuzza, B.A., Music and English (double major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Garrett M. Healey, B.A., History and Economics (double major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Kai-Lilly Karpman, B.A., English and Women Gender & Sexuality (double major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Mack S. Lauder, B.A., Biology (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Evelyn E. Mackenzie, B.A., Art History (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Thomas N. Reynolds, B.A., Economics (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Patrick J.W. Simpson, B.A., English and Film Studies (double major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

William D. Tjeltveit, B.A., History (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Mary E. Tursi, B.A., Public Policy & Law and Economics (double major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Ondra Zindr, B.A., Neuroscience (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Aiden H. Dumas, B.A., Political Science (major), Classical Tradition (minor)

Katie A. Vohr, B.A., Art History and Psychology (double major), Classical Tradition (minor)

Tufts University

Allyn Waller, M.A., Digital Tools for Premodern Studies

Haley Fort, B.A., Archaeology (major)

Daniel Cashman, B. A., Classics (major)

Lauren Diaz, B. A., Classics (major)

Madeleine Harris, B. A., Classics (major)

Natalie Lopez, B. A., Classics (major)

Noah McMillan, B. A., Classics (major)

Talia Smith, B. A., Classics (major)

University of Arizona

Miranda Lovett, M.A., Classics (Classical Archaeology emphasis)

Gabriel Jose Martinez, M.A., Classics (Classical Archaeology emphasis)

Nicholas Nelson, M.A. Classics (Classical Philology emphasis)

Julia Paré, M.A., Classics (Classical Philology emphasis)

Samantha Richter, M.A., Classics (Classical Archaeology emphasis)

Kayt Roberto, M.A., Classics (Classical Archaeology emphasis)

Jordan Swanson, M.A., Classics (Ancient History emphasis)

Manuel A. Colores, B.A., Classics and Anthropology (double major), History (minor)

Felicia Gass, B.A., Classics and Linguistics (double major)

Arica Hanson, B.A., Classics and Sociology (double major) with Honors

Hunter Hogue, B.A., Classics and History (double major), Ancient Greek (minor)

Rosa Myers, B.A., Classics (major) and Ancient Greek (minor)

Amelia Symm, B.A., Anthropology, Classics, and Religious Studies (triple major)

Vicktoria Wilcox, B.A., Classics and Anthropology (double major), Creative Writing (minor)

University of British Columbia

Bethany Brothers, Ph.D., Classics

Dora Gao, M.A., Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity

Allison Marlyn, M.A., Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

M. Emma Ramsden, M.A., Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity

University of California, Berkeley

Mia Borlangan, B.A., Latin and MCB-Neurobiology (double major)

Cindy Chang, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Roman Colao, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Victoria Couvas, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Scott Gildea, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Geraint Hughes, B.A., Classical Civilizations and History (double major)

Katharine Kuchinski, Citation in Classics, Phi Beta Kappa, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Kate McDowall, B.A., Latin and Applied Mathematics (double major)

Mackhai Nguyen, magna cum laude, B.A., Latin, Comparative Literature and English (triple major)

Alex Reed, Classics Book Prize, magna cum laude, B.A., Classical Civilizations and History (double major)

Anna "Tessa" Rodriguez, Classics Community Prize, cum laude, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Sean Sabella, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Audrey Salo, Chair's Award for Distinction in Classics, B.A., Classical Civilizations and Astrophysics (double major)

Drew Schibsted, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Basil Trenham, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

University of Chicago

Timothy Clark, Ph.D., Classics: “The Nature of Dominance: Roman Representations of Parthia and Armenia and the Development of New Narratives of Imperial Victory”

Angharad Darden, Ph.D., Classics: “Visualizing the Divine in Euripean Tragedy”

Marcos Gouvea, Ph.D., Classics: “Another Homer: The Figure of the Roman Homer from Ennius to Macrobius”

Jared Kreiner, Ph.D., History, “Win, Lose or Draw:  Roman Provincial Administration and Resistance in the Early Principate”

Kevin Lam, Ph.D., Classics: “Visions at War in Lucan’s ‘Bellum Civile’”

William Sullivan, Ph.D., Classics: “Admissibility in Roman-Canon Procedure: The Emergence of the Law of Positions”

University of Cincinnati

John Faisant, B.A., Classics and Mathematics (double major)

Nicholas Jones, B.A., Classical Civilization and Anthropology (double major), Classics (minor)

Megan Levy, B.A., Classical Civilization

Isabelle Reynolds, B.A., Classical Civilization and History (double major)

Rachel Schwerdtfeger, B.A, Classical Civilization

Kendall Smith, B.A., Classics and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (double major), Classical Civilization and English (minors)

Carina Moss, Ph.D., Classics: Elegy with Epic Consequences: Elegiac Themes in Statius’ Thebaid.

Gabriele Busnelli, Ph.D., Classics: Reasoning, Questioning, Perception, Bibliography: The Paths of Knowledge in the Poetry of Callimachus.

Kyle Collins, M.A., Ancient History

University of Colorado, Boulder

Cole Akers, B.A., Classics (major)

Amelia Chouinard, B.A., Classics and History (double major)

Grace Czelusta, B.A., Classics and Anthropology (double major)

Connor Fisher, B.A.,  Classics and Anthropology (double major)

Cameron Hunter, B.A., Classics (major)

Stephen Ray, B.A., Classics (major)

Jade Zimmerman, B.A., Classics and Anthropology (double major)

Sarah Beemer, B.A., Linguistics (major), Classics (minor)

Rachel Mae Cohen, B.A., Art History and Anthropology (double major), Classics (minor)

Desiree Deangelo, B.A., Integrative Physiology (major), Classics (minor)

Madeline Diaz, B.A., Business Management (major), Classics (minor)

John Faulhaber, B.A., Astrophysics (major), Classics (minor)

Matthew Faust, B.A., Journalism (major), Classics (minor)

Harte Haffner, B.A., Anthropology (major), Classics (minor)

Emily Harris, B.A., Philosophy and Journalism (double major), Classics (minor)

Daryn Higaki, B.A., Mathematics (major), Classics (minor)

Max Jacoby, B.A., Psychology (major), Classics (minor)

Charles Kaas, M.A. in Education, B.A., English and Psychology (double major), Classics (minor)

Rachel Karasik, B.A., Psychology (major), Classics (minor)

Katja Louie, B.A., History (major), Classics (minor)

Sydney McCain, B.A., Art History (major), Classics (minor)

Elizabeth Oberg, B.A., Art History and Humanities (double major), Classics (minor)

Virginia Owen, B.A., Integrative Physiology (major), Classics (minor)

Eric Rodriguez, B.A.,  Economics (major), Classics (minor)

Jamie Schultz, B.A., Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (major), Classics (minor)

Jose Valadez, B.A., Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and History (double major), Classics (minor)

Maria Velasco Linares, B.A., Business Marketing (major), Classics (minor)

Makaylah Waddle, B.A., Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (major), Classics (minor)

Xiaoxi Zhang, B.A., History (major), Classics (minor)

Rachel Dzugan, M.A., Classics: Latin

Larry Gill, M.A., Classics: Classical Art and Archaeology

Sam Hahn, M.A., Classics: Latin

Arielle Hardy, M.A., Classics: Classical Art and Archaeology

Anna Irwin, M.A., Classics: Classical Antiquity

Jacob Sawyer, M.A., Classics: Greek

Sierra Schiano, M.A., Classics: Classical Antiquity

Emma Sterling, M.A., Classics with a concentration in the teaching of Latin

Lauren Wood, M.A., Classics: Classical Art and Archaeology

Elizabeth Deacon, Ph.D., Classics: “Status Closure and Plot: The Perpetuation of Social Hierarchy in the Greek Ideal Novel”

Sam Kindick, Ph.D., Classics: “Ovid’s City: Rome in the ‘Ars Amatoria’ and the ‘Fasti’”

University of Florida

Maria Papaioannou, Ph.D., Classical Studies: “Epigram and Cult: A New Study of the Rock-Cut Precinct of Artemidorus at Thera”

Matthew Avery Adcock, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Grace Elizabeth Barnard, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Shelby C Dahl, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Regan McKenzie Foote, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Kristen Siobhan Gajewski, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Alyssa R Gregorio, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Megan Rose Hertel, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Caroline Berklee Johnston, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Caitlin Karin Macfarlane, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Megan Jayne Milner, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Jordan Press, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Blake A Rey, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Elizabeth A Rice, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Chelsea Renee Shay, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Lia K Vaccaro, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Remy Cooper Van Nostrand, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Alexandra Bergen, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Shannon Moriarty, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Andrew Warrick, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Daniel Gilbert, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Laurel Duggan, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Ashleigh Langford, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Danilo Marin, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Anastasia Regnier, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Lauren Liu, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Mohamad Okab, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

James Kaldor, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Nafisah Hamed, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Chase Johns, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Spencer Moreno, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Stephen Dampier, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Benjamin Marks, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Heleina Dopazo, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Angelena Mangieri, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Caroline Kostamo, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Destiny Munns, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Catherine Perez, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Justice Galaris, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

Ivette De Aguiar, B.A., Classical Studies (minor)

University of Georgia

Kelly P. Dugan, Ph.D., Language and Literary Education: Antiracism and Restorative Justice in Classics Pedagogy: Race, Slavery, and the Function of Language in Beginning Greek and Latin Textbooks”

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Stephen Froedge, Ph.D., Classical Philology: “‘Plenus monstris’: Monsters and Monstrosity in Flavian Epic”

Adam Kozak Ph.D., Classical Philology: “Nature, Ideology, and Imperialism in Flavian Epic Poetry”

Clayton Schroer Ph.D., Classical Philology: “‘Quid restat profugis?’ Exile and Power in Silius Italicus’ ‘Punica’”

Jessica Wells, Ph.D., Classical Philology: “Gender, Text, and the Body in Martial’s ‘Epigrams’”

Clarissa Goebel, M.A., Classics

Victoria Karnes, M.A., Classics

Nicholas Rudman, M.A., Classics

Genevieve Scheele, M.A., Classics

Emma Starr, M.A., Classics

Brendan Labbe, B.A., Classics (major)

Alan Leung, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Sarah Morthland Brookhouse, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Oscar Serlin, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Daniel Stelzer, B.A., Latin (minor)

Ben Vilenski, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)

Zhuohun “Tom” Wang, B.A., Classical Civilization (minor)


University of Iowa

Katrina Custardo, B.A., Ancient Civilization and English (double major)

Kathryn Kuennen, B.A., Ancient Civilization and Anthropology (double major)

Taylor Northness, B.A., Ancient Civilization (major)

Caitlin Patton, B.A., Ancient Civilization and Art (double major)

Haley Pearson, B.A., Ancient Civilization (major)

Cailyn Snodgrass, B.A., Ancient Civilization and English and Creative Writing (double major)

Kimberly Welzenbach, B.A., Ancient Civilization (major)

Kira Zielinski, B.A., Classical Languages and Italian (double major)

University of Kansas

Aidan Mahoney, M.A., Classics

Jack Rogers, M.A., Classics

Chad Uhl, M.A., Classics

Caroline Barnes, B.A., Classical Antiquity (major)

Anna Holmes, B.A., Classical Antiquity (major)

Zachary Keita, B.A., Classical Antiquity (major)

Elie Augustine, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Maija Gierhart, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Anna Clark, B.A., Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Miguel Palomino, B.G.S., Film and Media Studies (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Rachel Payne, B.G.S., History of Art and History (double major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Rachel Saladin, B.S., Microbiology (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Mika Schrader, B.A., History and Religious Studies (double major), History of Art, Jewish Studies, and Latin (triple minor)

Mariah Severud, B.A., English and Psychology (double major), Classical Antiquity (minor)

Maggie Williams, B.A., English (major), Classical Antiquity (minor)


University of Kentucky

Erik Cardwell, M.A., Classics

Audrey Grissom, M.A., Classics

April Kannady, M.A., Classics

Michael Knierim, M.A., Classics; Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies

Joseph Watkins, M.A., Classics; Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies

Jessamyn Rising, Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies

University of Maryland, College Park

Teresa Bialobrzeski, B.A., Classical Languages and Literature (major)

Elizabeth Capuano, B.A., Classical Languages and Literature (major)

Kelly DeLuca, B.A., Classical Languages and Literature (major)

Vanessa Masick, B.A., Classical Languages and Literature (major)

Steven Scammacca, B.A., Classical Languages and Literature (major)

Sean Moorman, M.A., Classics

Rudolph Rauk, M.A., Classics

Tara Wells, M.A., Classics

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Daniel Berenson, M.A.T., Latin and Classical Humanities

Matthew Berg, M.A.T., Latin and Classical Humanities

Forrester Hammer, M.A.T., Latin and Classical Humanities

Chloé Kolbet, M.A.T., Latin and Classical Humanities

Steven Mondloch, M.A.T., Latin and Classical Humanities

Joseph Stern, M.A.T., Latin and Classical Humanities

Matthew Agranat, B.A., Classics: Classical Civilization (major)

Zaidimary Barreto, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major)

Adriana Burton, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major)

Taylor Cassidy, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major) and in Psychology

Abigail Charpentier, B.A., Classics: Classical Civilization (major) and in Journalism

Adam Christensen, B.A., Classics: Classical Civilization (major)

Alyx Fraser, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major)

Aaron Friedman, B.A., Classics: Classical Civilization (major)

Henry Gilbert, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major) and in Italian Studies

Mikayla Greaves, B.A., Classics: Classical Archaeology (major)

Liam Low, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major)

Tess Medlock, B.A., Classics: Classical Civilization (major) and in Portuguese

Cinzia Presti, B.A., Classics: Classical Archaeology (major) and in Art History

Noah Sullivan, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major) and in Linguistics and in English

Stefanie Taylor, B.A., Classics: Classical Archaeology (major)

Benjamin Wiley, B.A., Classics: Greek and Latin Languages (major)

Julia Bender, B.A., Art History (major), Classical Civilizations (minor)

Miranda Clingen, B.S., Geology (major), Classical Archaeology (minor)

Tara Dugan, B.A., Comparative Literature (major), Latin (minor)

Christopher George, B.A., History (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Rhys Hogue-Rodley, B.A., English (major), Latin (minor)

Sarahanne Hurtig, B.A., Art History (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Michael Lanen, B.A., History (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Maura Riel, B.A., History (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

University of Michigan

Allison Thorsen, M.A., Greek

Katherine Beydlar, Ph.D., Classical Studies: “Environmental History and Historiography of Rome: Archaic Period to Empire”

Jan DeWitt, Ph.D., Greek and Roman History: “Money, Games, and Power: Rome’s Lower Magistrates and the Development of a City”

Matthew Naglak, Ph.D., Classical Art & Archaeology: “Activity and Rhythms in Roman Fora in the Republican and Early Imperial Periods”

Parrish Wright, Ph.D., Greek and Roman History: “Competing Narratives of Identity in Central and Southern Italy, 750 BCE–300 BCE”

Arianna Zapelloni Pavia, Ph.D., Classical Art & Archaeology: “Cultural Change in the Religious Sphere of Ancient Umbria Between the 6th and 1st Centuries BCE”

Bianca J. Gallina, B.S., Classical Archaeology and Earth & Environmental Science (double major)

Noel Shaye Grant, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Summer B. Hoffman, B.S., Earth & Environmental Science (major), Latin (minor)

Cassie Johnivan, B.A., Classical Archaeology (major)

Sabrina N. Kettler, B.S., Evolutionary Anthropology (major), Classical Archaeology (minor)

Carleigh L. Klusman, B.S., Biomolecular Science (major), Classical Civilization (minor),

Jack Koulos, B.S., Biology, Health, & Society (major), Greek (Modern) Language & Culture (minor)

Fotini Michalakis, B.S., Neuroscience and History (double major), Greek (Modern) Language & Culture (minor)

John Nicoli, B.A., Classical Civilization (major), Entrepreneurship (minor)

Alexandra A. Niforos, B.A., English (major), Global Media Studies and Greek (Modern) Language & Culture (double minor)

Josiah Olah, B.A, Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilization (double major), Anthropology (minor)

Lila Peters, B.S., Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (major), Latin (minor)

Anthony Paul Polce Jr, B.S., Computer Science (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Eleanor Verrill Reich, B.S., Computer Science (major), Music and Latin (double minor)

Katherine A. Rice, B.S., Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (honors major), Classical Archaeology (minor)

John A. Riceman, B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Gina Marie Savastano, B.A., English: Creative Writing (honors major), Classical Archaeology (minor)

Ashley Tomaszewski, B.A., Political Science (honors major, with Modern Greek subject), Greek (Modern) Language & Culture (minor)

Ashlyn L. Underwood, B.B.A., Business Administration (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Celia Elizabeth-Mae Weberg, B.A., Classical Archaeology and Anthropology (double major)

Dominique Be'Ate Williams, B.S., Psychology (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

University of Mississippi

Riley Blaylock, B.A., Classics (major)

Henry Busby, B.A., Classics (major)

Dawson Dinsmore, B.A., Classics (major)

Nicholas Durrett, B.A., Classics (major)

Frank Stephenson Elgin, B.A., Classics (major)

Sarah Lowery Ferrell, B.A., Classics (major)

Olivia High, B.A., Classics (major)

Greta Koshenina, B.A., Classics (major)

Ashtyn McAdams, B.A., Classics (major)

Lucas Sewell, B.A., Classics (major)

University of Missouri, Columbia

Katie Allgaier, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Rylan Batten, B.A., Greek Language (major)

Sarah Cox, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Lucas Daub, B.A., Ancient Mediterranean Studies (minor)

Amie Green, B.A., Latin Language (minor)

Brenden Hay, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Karissa Jamboretz, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Andrea Nowak, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

John Renfrew, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Amanda Steineman, B.A., Classical Languages (major)

Mathew Swan, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Benjamin Truska, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Sydney Tyler, B.A., Classical Humanities (major)

Andrew Buchheim, Ph.D., Classical Studies: “Mysteries, Philosophy, and Self-representation in Imperial Rome: Plutarch, Apuleius, and Vettius Agorius Praetextatus”

Christian Celmer, M.A., Latin Language

Robert Darby, Ph.D., Classical Archaeology: “Bathing on the Edge of Empire: Local Variation and Regional Adaptation in the Late Roman Bathhouses of Arabia/Palaestrina”                       

Olivia Lockett, M.A., Classical Archaeology

Megan Matheny, M.A., Classical Languages

Michael Sullivan, M.A., Classical Archaeology

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Rachel Anstett, B.A., Classics (major)

Noah Berens, B.A., Classics and Biology (double major)

Evan Colby, B.A., Classics and Linguistic (double major)

Gabriela De Jesus, B.A., Classics and Biology (double major)

Shawna Milam, B.A., Classics (major)

Allison Ruvidich, B.A., Classics (major)

Olivia Zitkus, B.A., Classics and Economics (double major)

Claudia Epley, M.A., Classical Archaeology

Everett Lang, M.A., Classics

Emily Lime, M.A., Classical Archaeology

Jackson Miller, M.A., Classical Archaeology

Brian McPhee, Ph.D., Classics: “Blessed Heroes: Apollonius’ Argonautica and the Homeric Hymns”

Matthew Schueller, Ph.D., Classical Archaeology: “Public Entertainment Venues As Urban Network Actors In Roman Macedonia And Thrace”


University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Alyssa Allison, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Michael Bell, B.A., Classical Studies and SPLS Archaeology (double major)

Grace Clifford, B.A., Classical Studies and Art History (double major)

Anthony Dykhouse, B.A., Classical Studies (major), History and Philosophy (double minor)

Dianna Kidd, B.A., SPLS Archaeology and Anthropology (double major)

London Nance, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Alexandra Pardo, B.A., Classical Studies and Anthropology (double major)

Dallas Piper, B.A., Classical Studies and Geography (double major)

William Sandin, B.A., Classical Studies (major), History (minor)

Jayson Smith, B.A., Classical Studies and History (double major), Archaeology (minor)

Barrett Woodruff, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Kate Zidman, B.A., Anthropology and SPLS Archaeology (double major), Classical Studies (minor)

University of Notre Dame

Joshua Anthony, B.A., Classics and Theology (double major)

Amber Ault, B.B.A., Finance (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Victoria Banowsky, B.A., Classics (major) and Theology (supplementary major)

Olivia Berardi, B.A., Political Science (major) and Greek & Roman Civilization (supplementary major)

Ann Birmingham, B.A., Neuroscience & Behavior (major), Latin (minor)

Claire Callan, B.A., Neuroscience & Behavior (major) and Classics (supplementary major)

Holly Guggenbiller, B.A., American Studies and Greek & Roman Civilization (double major)

Sean Hansen, B.A., Economics and Greek & Roman Civilization (double major)

Jenna Koenig, B.S., Biological Sciences (major) and Greek & Roman Civilization (supplementary major)

Noah Legare, B.A.R, Architecture (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Jiaqi Ma, M.A., Classics

Patrick McKelvey, B.A., American Studies (major) and Greek & Roman Civilization (supplementary major)

Abigail Mrenna, B.S., Mathematics (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Megan Nanovic, B.A., Sociology and Greek & Roman Civilization (double major)

Brigid O’Keefe, B.A., Political Science and Classics (double major)

Connor Reilly, B.A., English (major) and Classics (supplementary major)

James Ryan, B.S.M.E., Mechanical Engineering (major) and Classics (supplementary major)

Andrew Seago, B.A.R, Architecture (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Cana Short, M.A., Classics

Evan Slattery, B.S., Science-Business (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Nicholas Taylor, B.A., Film, Television & Theatre (major) and Greek & Roman Civilization (supplementary major)

Darby Tuttle, B.A., English and Classics (double major)

Kylie VanArsdale, B.A., Political Science (major) and Classics (supplementary major)

Alexander Volk, B.S., Physics (major) and Classics (supplementary major)

Melody Wauke, M.A., Classics

John Woodhull, B.S., Physics in Medicine (major), Classical Studies (minor)

University of Oklahoma

Laura E. Kozloski, B.A., Classics (major)

Saxon D. Little, B.A., Classics (major)

Elliot C. Sims, B.A., Classics (major)

Lorinn A. Wooten, B.A., Classics (major)

Brian K. Washam, Classical Culture (minor)

Laura E. Kozloski, Latin (minor)

Elizabeth W. Anderson, B.A., Letters and Classics (double major)

Alexander H. Konieczny, B.A., Classics (major)

Arden L. Moad, B.A., Classics (major)

Rachel J. Rutcker, B.A., Classics (major)

Taylor Staggs, B.A., Classics (major)

Matthew B. Wennemann, B.A., Classics (major)

University of Pennsylvania

Gregory Callaghan, Ph.D., Ancient History: “Attalid Networks: Seeking Status and Acquiring Authority beyond State Capacity”

Alice Hu, Ph.D., Classical Studies: “Vive, superstes: Survivors and Problems of Survival in Statius’ Thebaid”

Amy Lewis, Ph.D., Classical Studies: “Aristophanes and the Poetics of Low Comedy”

Ryan Pilipow, Ph.D., Ancient History: “The Little Men of Law: A Social History of the Late Roman Jurist”

Ruben Post, Ph.D., Ancient History: “The Achaian Koinon: An Economic History”

Cynthia Susalla, Ph.D., Ancient History: “Heritage-Thinking and Cultural Destruction in Ancient Rome from the First Century BCE to the First Century CE”

Liam Albrittain, post-baccalaureate certificate in Classical Languages

Jared Anderson, post-baccalaureate certificate in Classical Languages

Alexander Bott, post-baccalaureate program

Emma English, post-baccalaureate certificate in Classical Languages

Shaun Espenshade, post-baccalaureate program

Timothy Hampshire, post-baccalaureate program 

Jacob Lambert, post-baccalaureate certificate in Latin

Dominic Mein, post-baccalaureate program

Eve Svoboda,  post-baccalaureate certificate in Classical Languages

Valerie Sydorenko, post-baccalaureate certificate in Classical Languages

Samuel Wert, post-baccalaureate certificate in Classical Languages

Margaret Danaher, B.A., Classical Languages & Literature and Ancient History (double major)

Max Frantz, B.A., Classical Languages & Literature and Ancient History (double major)

Breyasia Scott, B.A., Ancient History (major)

Anthony Ciro, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Catherine de Luna, B.A., Classical Civilizations and Cinema and Media Studies (double major)

Cameron Isen, B.A., Classical Languages and Literature (major)

Max Jokelson, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Clare Kearns, B.A., Classical Languages & Literature and Comparative Literature (double major)

Jalen Laughlin, B.A., Classical Civilizations and Political Science (double major)

Sylvia Moore, B.A., Mediterranean Archaeology (major)

Louis Morledge, B.A., Classical Civilizations and Political Science (double major)

Alyssa Mulé, B.A., Classical Civilizations and English (double major)

Sydney Shiffman, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

William Weiss, B.A., Classical Civilizations and History (double major)

Eleanor Wynn, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

David Kestenbaum, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

John Tsamoutalis, B.A., Classical Civilizations (major)

Mateo Sarmiento, Classical Studies (minor)

Alexandra Frenzel, Ancient History (minor)

Mehdia Haider, Ancient History (minor)

Isabella Cao, Classical Studies (minor)

Eric Frank, Classical Studies (minor)

Mackenzie Kagan, Classical Studies (minor)

Reed Kelly, Classical Studies (minor)

Alexandra Kothe, Classical Studies (minor)

Amy Marcus, Classical Studies (minor)

Alana Mattei, Classical Studies (minor)

Ava Rosati, Classical Studies (minor)

Olivia Sylvester, Classical Studies (minor)

Yoelena Tkebuchava, Classical Studies (minor)

Hannah Walsh, Classical Studies (minor)

Thomas Woldemariam, Classical Studies (minor)

Jose Sidaoui Gali, Ancient History (minor)

Michael Bogdanos, Classical Studies (minor)

Genevieve Diorio-markle, Classical Studies (minor)

University of Southern California

Hannah Mason, Ph.D., Classics: “Individual and State in Lucretius’ de Rerum Natura”

Annie Choi, B.A., Philosophy, Politics and Law and Classics, Track III (double major)

Jane Clark, B.A., English and Classics, Track II (double major)

Matthew Paolino, BA, Classics and International Relations, Track II (double major)

University of Toronto

Alex Cushing, Ph.D., Classics

John Fabiano, Ph.D., Classics

Chiara Graf, Ph.D., Classics

Bradley Hald, Ph.D., Classics

University of Vermont

Julia Irons, M.A., Greek and Latin

Hannah McDermett, M.A., Greek and Latin

Alice Ochterski, M.A., Greek and Latin

Alex Chase, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Jillian Eller, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Ben C. Gaucherin, B.A., Classical Civilization (major), Latin (minor)

Allison C Jodoin, B.A., Greek, Latin, Classical Civilization (triple major)

Catie Michael, B.A., Classical Civilization (major)

Bill George, B.A., Economics (major), Classical Civilization (minor)

Connor Caley, B.A., History (major), Classical Civilization (minor)
Allyson S. Werner, B.A., Info Technology/Psychology (major), History and Classical Civilization (double minor)

Tenny A. Gregorian, B.A., Philosophy (major), Greek and Latin (double minor)
Ellen V. Marchetti, B.S., Animal and Veterinary Science (major), Latin (minor)


University of Virginia

Summer Allen, B.A., Classics (major)

Ian Balbus, B.A., Classics (major)

Aleksander Blumberg, B.A., Classics and Computer Science (double major)

Abigail Bright, B.A., Classics (major)

Daniel Cannon, B.A., Classics (major)

Clare Draper, B.A., Classics and Political & Social Thought (double major)

Brett Evans, Ph.D., Classics: “Callimachus and the Exchange of Cultural Capital at Court”

Thomas Ferguson, B.A., Classics and Art History (double major)

Rebecca Frank, Ph.D., Classics: “Plutarch and the Delphic Oracle”

Wyatt Joyner, B.A., Classics and Computer Science (double major)

Savhanna Long, B.A., Classics and Archaeology (double major)

Brittany Morris, B.A., Classics and Archaeology (double major)

Caitlin Rudy, B.A., Classics (major)

Nicholas Schreiber, B.A., Classics and History (double major)

Annika Tallis, B.A., Classics (major)
Apollo Yong, B.A., Classics (major)

University of Washington

Lorraine Abagatnan, B.A., Classics (major)

Elizabeth Abel, B.A., Classical Studies and Psychology (double major)

Theodore Anderson, B.A., Classics (major)

Anita Chen, B.A., Classics (major)

Owen Coats, B.A., Classics and History (double major)

Alana Edmondson, B.A., Classical Studies and English (double major)

Edward Eric Hentz, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Madolyn Hyytiainen-Jacobson, B.A., Classics and Anthropology: Human Evolutionary Biology (double major)

Feiyang Liu, B.A., Latin (major) and B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences (double degree)

Michael Leisa McAdams, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Forrest Martin, B.A., Greek and Near Eastern Studies: Biblical & Ancient (double major)

Emma Petersen, B.A., Classics (major)

Sierra Rasmussen, B.A., Classics (major)

Aiwen Zhang, B.A., Latin (major)

Julia Clark, B.A., Business Administration: Information Systems (double major), minor in Classical Studies

Jaymen Davis, B.A., Anthropology and Communication (double major), minor in Classical Studies

Sheila Panyam, B.A., Philosophy (major), minor in Classical Studies

Hannah Redden, B.S., Biochemistry and Bioengineering (double major), minor in Classical Studies

Joseph Bringman, M.A., Classics

Mary McNulty, M.A., Classics

Anna Simas, Ph.D., Classics: “Killer Queen: Clytemnestra as Goddess, Heroine, and Monster”

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Lawrence Andrea, B.A., Journalism (major), Classical Studies and Art Studio (double certificate)

Kurtis Bernier, B.A., Economics (major), Classical Studies (certificate)

Samantha Busch, B.S., Biology (major) (Biocore Curriculum for Honors), Classical Studies (certificate)

Michael Calkins, B.A., Legal Studies (major), Classical Studies (certificate)

Gylf Forsberg, B.S., Classical Humanities, Geological Engineering, and Geology & Geophysics majors

Alexis Hardy, B.A., Communication Arts (major), Classical Studies and Digital Studies (double certificates)

Kristin Leong, B.S.E., Latin Education and Classical Humanities major Hannah Lier, B.S., Biochemistry (major), Classical Studies (certificate)

Kate Peterson, B.S., English (major), Classical Studies (certificate)

Moriah Pittman, B.S. Psychology (major), Classical Studies (certificate)

Zach Sherman, B.A., Economics (major), Classical Studies and Entrepreneurship (double certificate)

Calvin Spolar, B.S., Classics and Chemistry majors

Theodore Stavropoulos, B.A., Classics and Latin majors Nathan Steagall, B.A. Classical Humanities (Honors in the Major), Art History, and History majors, Archaeology (certificate)

Emma Ward, B.A., History (major), Classical Studies (certificate)

Katherine Melberg, M.A. Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies – Classics

Amy Hendricks, Ph.D., Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies – Classics: “Approaching Chorality: Literary Representations of the Chorus in Archaic Greek Poetry”

Mary Claire LaVelle, Ph.D. Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies – Classics: “Rhetorical Characterization in Terence”

Rebecca Moorman, Ph.D., Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies – Classics: “Engrossing the Reader: Delight and Disgust in Latin Literature”

Patrick Harvey, M.A., Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies – Hebrew Bible


University of Winnipeg

Brittany Bauer, B.A. Honours, Classics

Laura Garand, B.A., Classics

Kaitlyn Gilfillian, B.A., Classics and Education

Brett Harder, B.A. Honours, Classics

Caitlin Mostoway-Parker, B.A., Honours Classics


Valparaiso University

Isabel Coffey, B.A., Creative Writing and Classics (double major), Humanities (minor)

Olivia Curcio, B.A., Classics and Humanities (double major), Business Administration (minor)

Courtney Earl, B.A., Creative Writing and Classics (double major), Theology (minor)

Ashley Hedges, B.A., History and Classics (double major)

Maxwell Shiller, B.A., Classics, History, and Humanities (triple major)

Chase Heckaman, B.A., Political Science (major), Classics (minor)

Joseph North, B.A. History Education, Secondary Education (double major), Classics (minor)

Paige Wright, B.A., History (major), Classics and Museum Studies (double minor)

Virginia Wesleyan University

Sidney Allen, B.A., History and Latin, summa cum laude (double major)

Summer (Rhea) Mullins, B.A., History and Classical Studies (double major)

John Brooks, B.S., Biology (major), Latin (minor)

Wabash College

Jacob Chrisman, B.A., Classics and Religion (double major)

Samuel Henthorn, B.A., Classics and Religion (double major)

Zachary Kintz, B.A., Classics (major)

Brian Laube, B.A., Classics (major), Greek (minor)

Brendan McCoy, B.A., Classics (major)

Wake Forest University

Emelyn Morgan Hatch, B.A., Classical Languages - Latin (major)

Erin Kate Megan McCombe, B.A., Classical Studies and Communication (double major)

Abigail Christine Moore, B.A., Classical Studies and Russian (double major), Latin (minor)

Zoe Loren Claire Schneider, B.A., Classical Studies (major)

Alexander Carl Horn, B.A., Latin (major), Neuroscience (minor)

Connor Malone deMayo, B.A., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (major), Classical Studies (minor)

Alyssa Anne Walton, B.A., Anthropology (major), Classical Studies and Cultural Heritage & Preservation Studies (double minor)

Hayes Houston Elliott, B.A., Sociology (major), Psychology and Classical Studies (double minor)

Salvatore Albert Restivo, B.A., Accountancy (major), Latin and Classical Studies (double minor)

Washington & Lee University

Kyle Hallman, B.S., Classics and Business Administration (double major)

Jackson Hintz, B.S., Classics and Biochemistry (double major)

Chris McCrackin, B.A., Classics and English (double major)

Kassidy Strosnider, B.A., Classics (major), Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies (double minor)

Caroline Buckley, B.S., Accounting (major), Classics (minor)

Christina Kargol, B.A., Chemistry (major), Classics (minor)

Bria Kelly, B.S., Psychology (major), Classics and Dance (double minor)

Allie Lefkowitz, B.A., History (major), Classics and Computer Science (double minor)

Carson McKoon, B.A., Biology (major), Classics (minor)

Robert (Beau) Merhige, B.S., Biology (major), Classics (minor)

Iszak Morgan, B.S., Geology (major), Classics (minor)

Trevor Stalnaker, B.S., Computer Science (major), Classics and Education (double minor)

Braxton Wall, B.S., Accounting (major), Classics (minor)

Washington University in St. Louis

David Armstrong, M.A., Classics

Alexa Beeson, B.A., Classics and Anthropology (double major)

Amaia Cook, B.A., Classics and English Literature (double major)

Zixing (Elva) Chen, M.A., Classics

Chris Colon, B.A., Ancient Studies (major), Business of the Arts and Data Science in the Humanities (double minor)

Kenneth Chrulski, B.A., Ancient Studies and Biochemistry (double major)

Micah Goldson, B.A., Classics (major)

Mitchell Grinwald, B.S., Biology and Classics (double major)

Katie Gruendel, B.A., Political Science (major), Ancient Studies and African & African American studies (double minor)

Madison Ihrig, B.A., Mathematics and Classics (double major), Physics (minor)

Grace Kavinsky, B.A., Classics (major), African & African American Studies and Art History and Archaeology (triple minor)

Jin Lee, B.A., Classics and Marketing (double major), German (minor)

Jen McLish, B.A., Linguistics (major), Classics and Arabic (double minor)

Ian McNeely, M.A., Classics

Elissa Mullins, B.A., English Literature (major), Classics (minor)

Zurich Mutchler, B.A., Ancient Studies and Cognitive Neuroscience (double major)

Connor Raikar, B.A., Classics (major)

Peter Satterthwaite, B.A., Classics (major)

Kirby Schoephoerster, M.A., Classics

Alex Severino., B.S., Biochemistry (major), Classics (minor)

Jessica Tu, B.A., Classics (major), Comparative Literature (minor)

Max Xu, B.A., Classics (major), Chemistry (minor)

Kayla Zoshg, M.A., Classics

Yale University

Madeline Bender, B.A., Classics and B.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (double major)

Anthony Hedjuk, B.A., Classics and Philosophy (double major)

Michael Kearney, B.A., Classics and M.A., Classics

Lina Kapp, B.A., Classics (major)

Christina Pao, B.A., Classics (major)

Kyle Conrau-Lewis, Ph.D., Classics: “Reading the Ancient Past in Miscellaneous Books: From Valerius Maximus to Aelian”

Reier Helle, Ph.D., Philosophy and Classics: “Corporeal Unity in Stoic Philosophy” 



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