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German for Students of Classical Studies
at the University of Cologne

IF you are enrolled in a graduate program in Classics or are about to enter such a program;
IF you have a working knowledge of German at level B1 or B2 (according to the CEFR) and would like to improve your German language skills while learning new approaches to the Ancient Studies;
IF you would like to meet other classical scholars and PhD students and discuss ideas and projects;
IF you would like to get acquainted with an important provincial city founded by the Roman;
IF you wish to experience the warm and friendly town that is the modern city of Cologne;

FROM JUNE 5 TO JULY 14, 2023

The University of Cologne (Germany’s largest university with more than 50,000 students) is offering
- an intensive course in German aimed to meet the specific needs of young researchers in classics
- free access to lectures, classes and seminars at the departments of Classics, Ancient History and Classical Archaeology
- seminars where you can present your research and discuss it with local faculty and graduate students
- guided tours and excursions to the archaeological collections and sites of the Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (Cologne) and other Roman settlements/places in the Rhineland
- PLEASE NOTE: A proof of a full Covid vaccination will be required.

The language courses are sponsored by the University of Cologne. They are organized by the local International Office and require the enrolment at the University of Cologne as a visiting student. The enrolment fee for the summer semester 2023 lies at around 290€. Participants are expected to cover
their travel expenses and living costs.

The German language classes will last for six weeks, meeting Monday through Friday, 4 hours a day. In the afternoons, participants are invited to attend lectures or to participate in classes and seminars in the Classics department. The University of Cologne offers a wide range of courses and has specialists in virtually every field of Classical studies from papyrology and epigraphy to Greek and Roman literature, linguistics and Medieval or Byzantine studies.

If you are interested and would like to know more about the program, please feel free to contact Prof. Anja Bettenworth (

You may also wish to consult our GSCS-website at

Applications should include:
– a letter (2 pages maximum) that describes the nature of your interest in the program, your expectations of the course and that also provides an overview of your PhD-project or research interests
– a CV

– a certificate of your previous knowledge of German.
– a confirmation of reciprocity by your department confirming that it would be willing to accept a Cologne Classics student as a visiting (auditing) student at some point in the future.

Applications should be submitted by email to Prof. Anja Bettenworth ( and should reach us no later than January 31, 2023.

German for Classics program 2023