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We are launching a new feature on our website, "Guest Blogs," and we invite you to check it out and see what you think. Our field is amazingly varied, and there are new developments on the move in all parts of that variety, so that it seemed a good idea to have a forum where members can be kept up to date, informed, and--ideally-entertained in the process. We have invited a dozen Classicists to contribute regular columns (to keep an archaic print term that seems to have survived into the new medium). We have tried to cover as much of the range of our subject as we can, and a geographical span as well, to capture at least some of the range of perspectives and expertises under the umbrella of our organization. Each of our contributors has been encouraged to call it as they see it, and we hope that the result will be an interesting and lively focus for discussion. Members are very welcome to join in by to creating an account on the APA web site and commenting on any of the postings. Information Architect Sam Huskey explains here how to do this, and how (for now) this account is different from others you may have already established to, e.g., view the directory of members or submit an abstract. In addition, we would like your feedback on this new feature, so that we may assess the new venture as we go. Send an e-mail to Adam Blistein who will collect your comments and pass them on to the Board.

Denis Feeney