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The Oriental Institute in Chicago has been renamed the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures, West Asia & North Africa. You can learn more about the name change here.

From April 5 - August 27, 2023, the ISAC Museum is hosting the special exhibition Artifacts Also Die.

This exhibition is part of the ongoing research project Ruins, Rubble, and Renewal: Co-existent Ruins—Exploring Iraq’s Mesopotamian Past through Contemporary Art. This long term, interdisciplinary, expanded-media, and collaborative project seeks to address how it might be possible to have renewed engagements with four ancient Mesopotamian heritage sites (Babylon, Nimrud, Nuffar, and Ur), as well as the Iraq Museum in Baghdad, by local Iraqi artists in post-conflict Iraq.

The project is led by Iraqi-British artist and academic Hanaa Malallah, who has lived in London since 2007 and works in collaboration with the following Iraqi artists at specific ancient sites inside Iraq:

  • The Ziggurat at Ancient Nippur/Nuffar/Al-Qadisiyah. With Fatimah Jawdet.
  • The Ziggurat at Ancient Ur/Tell al-Muqayyar/Dhi Qar. With Reyah Abd Al-Redah.
  • The Ruins of Ancient Babylon/HIllah/Babil. With Mohammed Abd Alwasi.
  • Kahlu/Nimrud/Nineveh. With Rozghar Mustafa.
  • Iraq Museum, Baghdad. With Betoul Mahdey.
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