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Want to network with people in our field?
Want to make the most of the upcoming academic year and beyond?
Looking for community or guidance?

The WCC invites you to participate as a mentor and/or mentee for the 2023-2024 academic year in the WCC Mentorship Program, which features a year-long, cohort “growth and support” mentorship program and short-term, on-demand “just-in-time” mentorship opportunities. Sign up now!

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To participate in the 2023-24 Cohort Program, the sign-up deadline is August 15. This gives our team enough time to match mentors and mentees before the start of the Fall term.

For the on-demand mentorship program, we accept requests by mentees and volunteer mentors any time throughout the year.


For Mentees:

  • Develop a relationship with a mentor AND a group of peers through a full academic year
  • Receive help for developing a particular skill
  • Have regular contact with people who literally signed up to help support you
  • Learn how to be a good mentee to get the most out of relationships you develop with senior colleagues

For Mentors:

  • Develop a relationship with future colleagues in the field, either through the course of a full academic year OR for more specialized tasks (e.g. publishing, pedagogy, job market)
  • Share your valuable and hard-earned wisdom and knowledge about how to thrive in our field
  • Learn the latest research on “how to be a good mentor” to better support your colleagues


Cohort Mentorship

In the cohort mentorship program, each mentor will be assigned 2-3 mentees who agree to meet at least twice per term during the academic year. For mentees, this means that you will be paired with a senior mentor and peers who overlap with your interests and/or stage of career.

Benefits of Cohort Mentorship

  • Combines the advantages of mixed-rank mentorship with peer mentorship
  • Follows the cycle of the academic year
  • Allows for a diversity of viewpoints
  • Fosters more learning opportunities and solutions
  • Creates closer, more engaged, and dynamic professional relationships
  • Expands networking opportunities

Applications are due on August 15 and matches will be announced on September 1.

Click here to be a mentee in the Cohort Mentoring Program

Click here to be a mentor in the Cohort Mentoring Program

On-Demand Mentorship

The on-demand “just-in-time” mentorship program focuses on mentoring in relation to specific issues and milestones. For example, mentees can request short-term pairings related to pedagogy, networking, exam preparation, job applications, possible career paths, being an academic parent, etc. The WCC will work to set up events and meet-ups with more senior members in the field. In turn, mentors can volunteer to provide their expertise in a specific area or for shorter periods of time. Would you like to be on a panel of experts for a WCC workshop on a specific topic? If so, fill out the mentor form below.

Benefits of On-Demand Mentorship

  • Offers focused mentorship
  • Provides timely advice and a sounding board
  • Connects mentees with a variety of mentors who have different expertise and experiences
  • Allows for a more flexible mentoring format, e.g. short-term relationship, local meet-ups, etc.
  • Expands networking opportunities
  • Sign up as a mentor or mentee at any time during the year

Requests are accepted for on-demand mentoring at any time throughout the year.

Click here to make a request as a mentee for the On-demand Mentoring Program

Click here to volunteer as a mentor for the On-demand Mentoring Program

In support of these new mentoring initiatives, the WCC will provide guidance, training sessions, and check-in opportunities for both mentors and mentees throughout the year.

Please email with any questions. You may also visit our website to see all of the WCC programs.

Dark purple poster which reads: WCC Cohort Mentorship Program, Sign up now as a mentor and/or mentee! DEADLINE: Tuesday, August 15, 2023,, looking for short-term mentoring? Try the On-Demand Program! Requests accepted anytime.