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Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions


Après le deluge: plagues, propaganda, and the mobility of the divine

Please join SAMR members in a lecture series this Spring devoted to the exploration of ancient ritual responses to questions that have filled our minds, hearts and news feeds over an extraordinary year. Four speakers have will explore contemporary issues, including disease, identity, mobility and disempowered cultural groups through the lenses of ancient ritual practice. All are welcome -mark your calendars!

All sessions will be held at this Zoom address:

March 11, at 12 noon EST

“Osor-Hapi: North African Cult Paradigms during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods.”

Dr. Vivian A. Laughlin

Fulbright Postdoctoral Researcher

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Institute of Archaeology

March 18, at 7pm EST

"Fighting a Postmodern Monster: Plague and the Delphic Oracle".

Dr. Michiel van Veldhuizen

The University of North Carolina, Greensboro

April 8, at 7pm EST

“Pharmapolitics and the early Roman expansion: gender, slavery, and ecology in 331 BCE”

Dr. Dan-el Padilla Peralta

Princeton University

April 22 at 7pm EST

"Water, Blood, and Wine: Iconography of the Old Testament on Medieval Portable Altars."

Sarah C. Luginbill

University of Colorado Boulder