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Dear Colleagues,

Within the last few weeks you should have received from the Society an appeal for our Annual Giving campaign. I know this is a very busy time of year but I hope you will allow me just a few minutes to speak on behalf of the campaign.

Those of us who are officers of the Society are often asked what the SCS actually does. I think it’s fair to say that for most members, the SCS is the annual meeting and the placement service. These are important aspects, of course, but we do much more: resolve disputes arising in professional matters; raise support and lobby on behalf of threatened Classics departments in the US and abroad; support scholarly projects, including L’Année Philologique; promote classics to the general public; and, of course, produce a scholarly journal. And that is far from all.

The fact is that for a Society of our size – we have a small but dedicated staff of three – we actually do a great deal for our members and for the profession at large. Even so, we are constantly on the lookout to do more. One area that we have identified as especially in need of our attention and support is the situation of part-time, adjunct, and in general non-tenure-track faculty. The Board has been discussing ways in which we can help by means of practical measures that are appropriate to our Society’s abilities.

As you can see from our April 2 appeal, this year for the first time we have made those members of our profession who are the most vulnerable a special focus of the annual giving campaign. At the suggestion of the Development and Finance Committees, the Board wants to make annual meeting travel awards more robust so that they can provide more significant support to the members who need it most and make sure they remain part of our community. Annual giving contributions can make that happen.

Annual Giving provides the most direct route to help these members and the Society at large. Unlike endowment funds, which are maintained for the long-term stability of the Society, Annual Giving funds are immediately available and can be used right away. $50 given to the annual fund is equivalent of $1,150 in endowment; $100 the equivalent of $2,300.

I need hardly add that contributions of any amount are appreciated and will be put to good use. I offer my warmest thanks to those many SCS members who have supported Annual Giving so regularly and so generously in the past. I know that they will continue to do so and hope that others will join the cause with similar enthusiasm. This year’s campaign is going well, but we are still somewhat short of our goals of $65,000 raised and a participation rate of 15%. We look forward to your helping us reach these important landmarks in our Annual Giving history.

Gifts of any size are welcome, and it’s easy to give: you can donate on line or by using the form that you received in the mail.

As always, I welcome your comments and questions. Please feel free to write to me at

With best wishes,
John Marincola