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Jointly organized by the Department of Classical Studies at William & Mary and the Department of Classics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The event is to be held from SEPTEMBER 29 to OCTOBER 1, 2022 in Auditorium I of the Research Dissemination Center on the campus of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (September 3rd Avenue

The event will be both in person and online. It is possible to attend it virtually either through our livestream or via Zoom Webinar (all times are local, British Summer Time+2):

Password: trends2022

All are welcome!

Conference website:

Thursday, September 29, 2022

16.00-16.30 Registration and Greetings

Konstantinos Zervas (Mayor of Thessaloniki)

Franco Montanari (Genova) & Antonios Rengakos (Thessaloniki)

Vassiliki Panoussi (William & Mary) & William Hutton (William & Mary)


Panel 1: Ritual, Poetics, and the Past

Presider: Theodore D. Papanghelis (Thessaloniki)

  • Chrysanthe Tsitsiou-Chelidoni (Thessaloniki): “The Poet as Priest: Horace’s Ritual Song in Augustan Rome”
  • Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides (Macquarie): “Aristaeus as a Reflection of Orpheus: Vergil on the Rites of Roman Identity under Augustus”
  • Stavros Frangoulidis (Thessaloniki): “Divining Identity: Memory, Ritual and Plot in Seneca’s Oedipus”
  • Costas Panayotakis (Glasgow): “Memories of Trimalchio’s Past”

Friday September 30, 2022


Panel 2: Ritual, Poetics, and the Past II

Presider: Andromache Karanika (Irvine)

  • Lucia Athanassaki (Crete): “Epinician Rituals: Shaping and Preserving Identities in Song”
  • Gregory Hutchinson (Oxford): “Repeat, Remember: Ritual and Lyric”
  • Ioanna Karamanou (Thessaloniki): “Ritual Lament, Memory and Identity in Euripides’ Trojan Trilogy”


Panel 3: Performing Identity I

Presider: Gregory Hutchinson (Oxford)

  • Ewen Bowie (Oxford): “Memory, Ritual, and Identity in the theoriai to Claros in the Second Century AD”
  • Brett Evans (Georgetown): “A Marketplace for Memories: Carving Out Distinctive Identities in the New Verse Inscription from Mylasa (Marek and Zinng 2018)”
  • Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge (Paris/Liège): “Greek Divine and Ritual Norms as a Touchstone for Issues of Memory and Identity”


Panel 4: Performing Identity II

Presider: Lucia Athanassaki (Crete)

  • Greta Hawes (CHS/Australian National): “Cultic Memory and Civic Mnemonics in Imperial ‘Arcadia’”
  • Inger Kuin (Virginia): “What’s an Atheist to do? Ritual, Disbelief, and Identity in Ancient Greece and Rome”
  • Sophia Papaioannou (Athens): “Memory, Ritual and the Politics of Closure in Tacitus, Annales 3.76”
  • Alexander Angelov (William & Mary): “Where Is Byzantium? Ancient and Modern Politics of Identity”


Panel 5: Multicultural Identities

Presider: Judy Barringer (Edinburgh)

  • Georgia Irby (William & Mary): “Pomponius Mela’s Hercules: An Iberian-Phoenician Hero”
  • Jessica Stephens (William & Mary): “Spanish Senators and “Roman” Identity in the 1st Century CE”
  • Andrew Tobolowsky (William & Mary): “Adapting Identity and the Available Myth”

Saturday October 1, 2022


Panel 6: Trauma and Memory I

Presider: William Hutton (William & Mary)

  • Andromache Karanika (Irvine): “Remembering Female Names: Crisis, Ritual, and Collective Identity Formation in Ancient Greek Epic Poetry”
  • Danielle Kellogg (Cincinnati): “Call the Witnesses: Memory and Migration in Athenian Citizenship Practice”
  • Zahra Newby (Warwick): “Performing Identity through Civic Festivals in Roman Asia Minor”


Panel 7: Trauma and Memory II

Presider: Ioanna Karamanou (Thessaloniki)

  • Vassiliki Panoussi (William & Mary): “Aeneas’ tropaeum: Collective Trauma, Commemoration, and Identity Formation in Vergil’s Aeneid”
  • Helen Lovatt (Nottingham): “Broken Hospitality and Traumatic Memory in the Funerals of Pallas and Cyzicus”
  • Philip Hardie (Cambridge): “Memoria, Ritual, and Identity: The Commemoration of Martyrs and Saints in Prudentius and Paulinus of Nola”


Panel 8: Places of Memory I

Presider: Rebecca Sweetman (St. Andrews/BSA)

  • Jessica Paga (William & Mary): “Embodied Memory in the Panathenaia”
  • Andrew Ward (Emory): “Ancient Greek Construction Rituals, Tradition, and the Articulation of Communal Identities”
  • Judy Barringer (Edinburgh): “Treasuries, Identity, and Politics”


Panel 9: Places of Memory II

Presider: Franco Montanari (Genova)

  • William Hutton (William & Mary): “The Shrines of Dio Chrysostom”
  • Barbette Spaeth (William & Mary): “Greek Revival or Roman Rebirth? The Reused Sanctuaries of Corinth in the Roman Period”
  • Bonna Wescoat (Emory/ASCSA): “Building Memory, Changing Identity: Initiation in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace”
  • Rebecca Sweetman (St. Andrews/BSA): “Late Antique Identity Crisis? Memory and Placemaking for Community (Re) building”

  • Stavros Frangoulidis (Thessaloniki): Closing Remarks

Organizing Committee

Vassiliki Panoussi, William & Mary

William Hutton, William & Mary

Antonios Rengakos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki & Academy of Athens

Stavros Frangoulidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

With the kind support of

  • William & Mary Office of the Provost – Reves Center for International Studies
  • Social and Cultural Affairs Welfare Foundation (KIKPE)
  • Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
  • Aristotle University Research Committee
  • Thessaloniki City Hall
  • University Studio Press